Thursday, January 27, 2022

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "Invasion"

Here's a"lost" story you'd think was from one of Atlas/Marvel's early 1960s sci-fi titles...
...because it features a kool a pencil and ink job by Silver Age legend Don Heck!
But you'd be wrong!
Heck had an undeserved reputation as a hack artist, mostly due to poor inking by actual hacks like Vince Colletta, who was notorious for leaving out pencilers' linework to get the job done faster.
When Don had a good inker or inked himself, his work was on a par with any of the other acknowledged greats of the field.
But since he was almost as fast a penciler as Jack Kirby, publishers didn't utilize his inking talents as often as they could've.
This tale hasn't been seen since it appeared in the back of DC's Adventure Comics #424 (1972).
We're pleased to present it to an audience that was probably unaware of its' existence.
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  1. Don Heck worked in the comic book field for more than thirty years. In all that time, fewer than 15 of his stories were inked by Vince Colletta. Yet, it was Vinnie's inking that gave Don the reputation of being a hack? What you should know is that both Heck and Colletta were professionals with long and stories careers in their resumes. Want to see a hack? Look in a mirror. Next time do some research and you won't get called out for your stupidity.

    1. I said "like Vince Colletta".
      Heck's worst Silver Age inker was, IMHO, George Roussos aka "George Bell", a Golden Age artist whose work became looser and shakier as he got older.
      But, nobody under 50 remembers him from the Silver Age, just his kool work from the Golden Age!
      Everybody remembers Vince Colletta.

      And, for the record, many artists, including Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, Alex Toth, John Buscema, and Gene Colan, requested he not ink their work after seeing less than stellar results!


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