Friday, April 18, 2008

DON'T call her "girl" reporter!

Jane Arden: Crime Reporter ran from 1927 to 1968, predating other female reporters like Brenda Starr: Reporter and Superman's Lois Lane by over a decade.
She's best-known as the FIRST American comic character to have a World War II-related storyline when her writers tossed out the strip's ongoing gangster plotline in a single daily strip and sent her to cover the warfront on September 25, 1939, less than a month after Germany invaded Poland!
Like most major 1930s-1950s comic characters, she was multi-media, with a radio show that ran for two years, a low-budget b-movie (that didn't do well enough to warrant a series) and comic books.
We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ feel that she deserves to return to the pop culture spotlight, so we've digitally-restored and remastered the best covers from her comic book run for a line of collectibles in our Heroines™ section for girls and women who want a strong, positive role model!
Have a look at Jane Arden: Crime Reporter, 'cause if you're doing something bad, she's looking for you!

The Target; the hero who WANTS you to shoot at him!

Created by Dick Briefer (who also created the Monster of Frankenstein series from Prize Comics) The Target was a scientist who created a suit of flexible bulletproof metal and used it to fight evil. His sidekicks, the Targeteers were his alter-ego's business partners, as well. They wore costumes of the same design, but in different primary (red, yellow, blue) colors. All three each had a giant bulls-eye design on their chests, which tended to draw enemy gunfire in amazing amounts. (It's never explained how the metal also absorbed the kinetic energy of the bullets that hit the trio. An isotope of Vibranium, perhaps?)
Interestingly, he didn't make his debut until issue #10 of Target Comics. (The previous issues featured a hero called The White Streak, who faded shortly after The Target made the scene.)
Atomic Kommie Comics™ now offers four classic covers as part of our Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ line of collectibles, including the 1st appearance & final appearance covers!
Note: As part of Alex Ross' new Project SuperPowers series, the Target & Targeteers will be cover-featured on #5 along with The Arrow.
Don't forget to buy it, and EVERY issue of Project SuperPowers! It's one of the best series on the market today!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine..."

The Cisco Kid was the first Hispanic multi-media superstar, hitting books, movies, radio, comic books, newspaper strips, and eventually, television, predating Zorro in each media (except Zorro never had a radio show)!
As created by legendary writer O Henry, in the short story "The Caballero's Way" in 1907. the Kid was neither Hispanic nor a hero!
A 1914 silent movie of "The Caballero's Way" altered the character to the version that became famous...a wandering hero, called "The Robin Hood of the Old West", who, with his sidekick, righted wrongs without killing, but with lots and LOTS of shooting, just like the Lone Ranger!
We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ are proud to reintroduce the classic Western character to a new audience in our line of products in the Western Comic Adventures™ line.
Just go to The Cisco Kid & Pancho for a look at 6 different designs, including his 1st comic appearance!
They'll have you going "Oh, Cisco!" "Oh, Pancho!" just like Duncan Renaldo & Leo Carrillo did in the classic tv series!
(And they'd make great Cinco De Mayo gifts!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Broncho Bill

Continuing our expansion of Western Comics Adventures™, Atomic Kommie Comics™ proudly presents a new section devoted to Broncho Bill.
A newspaper strip and comic book that ran from 1928 to 1950, Broncho Bill was originally called Young Buffalo Bill, then Buckaroo Bill before taking the name it would have from 1932 to 1950.
Bill and girlfriend Nell kept law-and-order in the Old West. Judging from the covers, that seemed to consist of rescuing Nell from rustlers, bank robbers, and outlaws of various sorts!
Note: He's so little-known there's no entry in Wikipedia about him!
Help bring him back into the pop culture spotlight! He deserves it!
Choose from 6 different designs on t-shirts, mugs and many other goodies.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kid CowBoy, the cowboy ANY kid can be!

We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ believe that Westerns are not just for crusty old codgers, but for the young and young-at-heart (like us)!
To that end, we're expanding the Western Comics Adventures™ section, adding several new sub-sections to accomodate our ever-expanding collection of classic comic book cover art collectibles. (try saying THAT five times fast)
First up is Kid CowBoy with 6 exclusive kid-only designs (NO adult clothing)!
Also coming up in the next couple of weeks are (alphabetically) Broncho Bill, The Cisco Kid & Pancho, and Native Americans! each with 3 to 12 different designs!
PLUS: we've already given Masked Heroes and Women Outlaws their own spin-off sections, to which we'll be adding MORE kool cover designs!
So saddle up, pardner, the best is yet to come!