Saturday, August 7, 2021

Space Force Saturdays INTERPLANETARY POLICE "Meteor Menace" Part 1

Who would've thought that this never-reprinted, lost comic series classic appeared in...
...of all things, Buster Brown Comic Books?
Of course, it's actually Yankee Stadium II, but readers in 1952 didn't know that...
Be here next
for the planet-shattering (literally) conclusion!
(One spoiler...the Space Siren doesn't destroy any more historic stadiums!
This short-lived series (only five stories) ran in Buster Brown Comic Book, a free giveaway anthology comic published quarterly from 1945 to 1956 to promote Buster Brown Shoe Stores.
Strips ran anywhere from three to twenty-four issues.
Since there were no letters pages, there's no way to tell how the popularity of the series was judged.
This tale in BBCB #28 (1952), written by Hobart Donovan and drawn by Ray Bailey, is the premiere, setting up the premise quickly and efficiently, adapting elements from various other space opera series including Buck Rogers and Space Patrol, and getting to the action post-haste.
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Friday, August 6, 2021

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder LOST WORLD "To Save You, Why Must I Kill You?"

Considering this never-reprinted tale was published over in 1949...'s almost frightening to see how applicable the story's moral is to the problems of today's America!
Heroic Hunt Bowman and the duly-elected Earth Council decide on a course of action...gathering the surviving children of North America in a well-prepared location to teach them what they'll need to survive and fight back against the invading VoltaMen.
Rabble-rousers claim Bowman's actions are violating their personal freedom and endangering their children!
(Apparently Republicans survived the invasion from Volta!)
Happily, by the end of the tale, the Repugs...I mean idiots...have learned the error of their ways and the School for Survival is now in session!
Sadly, in the real world, the fools who claim their personal freedom take priority over their survival haven't learned...and may not live long enough to do so!

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Reading Room ALIEN ENCOUNTERS "Earth Invasion"

There's a twist ending to this alien invasion tale you won't see coming...
...if you're under 35!
I'm serious!
Ah, video arcades...
Kids today have no idea how important those darkened chambers filled with video consoles and pinball machines were to us in the pre-XBox/PlayStation/Nintendo days...and how much money we spent, quarter-by-quarter, in them!
Yeah, there's still Chuck E CheeseDave & Busters, and their ilk, but those are kiddie venues!

Written by Larry Shell and illustrated by Steve (Swamp Thing) Bissette, this never-reprinted tale from FantaCo's Alien Encounters one-shot (1981) captures the long-lost era perfectly.
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Monday, August 2, 2021

Monday Mars Madness ALARMING TALES "Hero"

Here's a short (in more ways than one) space-opera tale...
...though you won't get my pun until the end...
This story of size and space travel from Harvey's Alarming Tales #2 (1957) was produced by writer Jack Oleck, and illustrator Marvin Stein (with what appears to be uncredited layout help by Jack Kirby).
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Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Next Chapter of the RetroBlogs Blogathon Features...ROMANCE???

What's better than a sunny summer day at the beach?
Why, the latest in our annual gothic-themed, multi-chapter Beach Reads in...
...beginning Monday, of course!
Note: this 50-year old tale was reprinted a decade ago...but only in black and white!
This is it's first appearance in full color since 1971!
That's half a century!
Don't miss it!