Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fantastic Femmes--Charlotte Lewis

Note: this page has been updated with NEW info  
Teen model turned actress Charlotte Lewis made her film debut in Roman Polanski's 1985 film Pirates at the age of 16.
What was not known at the time was that the director may have molested the then-underage girl before filming began!
She's had an on-again, off-again film-tv career, working for several years straight, doing other things for several years, then returning to show business, then disappearing again.
She also posed for Playboy in 1993.
(Pirates, 1985)

Interestingly, almost all her film / tv work has been genre! (out of 27 projects, over 20 were genre!)
She hasn't appeared onscreen since 2003.
Trivia: Dated Mickey Rourke, Eric Clapton, and Charlie Sheen while appearing in movie or video projects with them!

NOTE: Google searches tend to confuse her with the same-named character played by Rebecca Mader from the tv series LOST.
Charlotte has not appeared on LOST.
(with Charlie Sheen, 1986)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Design of the Week--Silver Age Captain Marvel Redux

Each week, we post a limited-edition design, to be sold for exactly 7 days, then replaced with another!
(Except, that we're keeping him another week, due to popular demand!)
This week, a Lichtenstein-style pop-art rendering of the 1960s version of Captain Marvel!
No, not the Golden Age hero who said "SHAZAM!" or the several Marvel comics characters who've used the name, but an alien android who yelled "SPLIT!" and then broke into several pieces which flew around operating independently! (I'm not kidding!)
The vintage art also features the Ben-Day dot pattern for the skin tone that Roy Lichtenstein popularized in his "pop art" paintings of the period.
It's retro-style fun on a host of kool kollectibles, but only for a week, so grab them while you can!
Next Friday, it'll be history, just like the 1960s!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Robin Hood-the Man-the Myth-the Merchandise!

Just in time for the new Russell Crowe film...go "Secret Chic" with kool kollectibles featuring imagery from these previous versions of the legendary outlaw including Douglas Fairbanks' 1922 silent movie, the classic 1938 Errol Flynn flick, and several Golden Age comics covers (including Classics Illustrated)!

We're talking dark & light t-shirts, messenger bags, mugs, magnets, and other tchochkies...and all at a price that won't feel like we're stealing from the rich! ;-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Captain Flash--the Silver-Age Hero No One Remembers!

Right before The Flash was revived in Showcase #4, there were several short-lived attempts to bring back super-heroes, who had all but disappeared by 1949, replaced by horror, western, and romance comics.
One of the better characters debuted in 1954...
Mild-mannered professor Keith Spencer lived in "Atom City" (an obvious surogate for Los Alamos), somewhere in the SouthWest USA.
Spencer was also Captain Flash, who could set off a "miniature atomic explosion" inside his body by clapping his hands, which made him super-strong, super-fast, and near-invulnerable for brief periods.
Like most heroes, he had a teen sidekick, Ricky Davis, who, like Bucky (Captain America's partner) and Tim (Black Terror's aide) didn't have a secret identity and was referred to as "Ricky" in and out of costume.
As Captain Flash, most of Spencer's time was taken up either dealing with Communist spies trying to steal atomic technology or disasters created when the technology went awry, which happened with alarming frequency!

Art was by veteran Mike Sekowsky, who later became one of Silver Age's most prolific pencilers, working on numerous titles including Justice League of America, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, and Metal Men,

The series only ran four issues before the publisher, Sterling Comics, went bankrupt in 1955.
Ironically, Captain Flash was the company's best-selling title, showing that superheroes were viable again!

Of course, we at Atomic Kommie Comics™have always believed that superheroes are marketable, and Captain Flash is no exception!
That's why we've included him in our new Lost Heroes of the Silver Age of Comics™ line featuring some of the characters who also filled the magazine racks of the 1950s and '60s along with the better-known Marvel and DC heroes and heroines!

Welcome back, Captain Flash! (But for God's sake, don't applaud!) ;-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Messenger / iPad / Kindle / eBook / LapTop Bags REDUCED to $24.99!

Just in time for use as graduation (or birthday) gifts, we've lowered the price of our multi-purpose bags from $29.99 to ONLY $24.99!
Of course, they come with our assortment of retro-kool vintage designs, many exclusive to our online store!

We've even set up two different ways you can go directly to our kool kollection...
1) a special shop page leading you directly to the bags, separated by genre (mystery, horror, western, romance, sci-fi, etc.) Yes, we cover EVERYTHING!
2) you can just look thru the entire assortment (over 500 designs) at once!

(Of course, if you just want to take your time and browse thru the whole store...come in. hang out, look around! You're always welcome!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Second Cousin of SuperPowers Sunday!

For the next few Sundays, we're going to present the nifty updated designs of the Project SuperPowers characters by Alex Ross along with links to a couple of Squidoo pages of background info and links about the series and characters...
Alex Ross' Project SuperPowers
(featuring characters who've been cover-featured)
Alex Ross' Project SuperPowers Strikes Again!
(featuring the other characters)
Erik Larsen's the Next Issue Project & Savage Dragon
(featuring several of the same characters as Project SuperPowers and others, but set in a different universe!)
Plus solo pages for
The Classic Black Terror & Tim
The Classic Dare Devil

In addition, you can find Atomic Kommie Comics™ kool kollectibles emblazoned with the ORIGINAL 1940s classic cover art featuring these classic characters...
The Arrow
The Black Terror & Tim
The Blue Bolt
Captain Battle & Capt Battle Jr
(aka Death-Defying 'Devil
and Dynamic DareDevil)
The Green Mask & Domino
(in Solo Heroes)
Sub-Zero Man
U.S. Jones
(in Flag-Draped Heroes)
Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™!
Unfortunately, we've been unable to find solo cover appearances for either The Liberator or Vulcan.
If you know of any, e-mail us the issue numbers and we'll track 'em down and scan them!

And don't forget to buy the Project SuperPowers comics and collections including Black Terror, Death Defying 'Devil, Masquerade, and Project SuperPowers Volume 2!