Saturday, January 27, 2018

Trump Reading Room STRANGE STORIES OF SUSPENSE "Beware...a Martian"

Here's a tale of racism and innuendo involving an "illegal alien"...
...that all Trumpettes should take note of!
Written by Carl Wessler, penciled by Al Williamson, and inked by Ralph Mayo, this never-reprinted tale from Atlas' Strange Stories of Suspense #14 (1957) uses science fiction to tell a civil rights parable, substituting a Martian (and the paranoia about his race) for a African-American, Hispanic, Japanese, or other minority group about whom equally-inane fantasies have been concocted!

Note: it's interesting that Nardo the Martian has the same appearance as DC's J'Onn J'Onzz: the Martian Manhunter (except for skin color), as well as MM's specific ability to shape-shift, not a talent usually attributed to inhabitants of the Red Planet!
J'Onn had debuted almost two years earlier!

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Fun TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS "Jaws of Death" "Valley of the Shadow" "Spotlight on Keera"'s three one-page prose stories, all written by co-creator Don Glut...
(From Tragg and the Sky Gods #8)
(From Gold Key Spotlight #9)
(From Tragg and the Sky Gods #7)
The background info on Keera is especially interesting, giving some insight into the Yargonian social structure and mindset.
The story prepared Tragg and the Sky Gods #9 appeared in the anthology Gold Key Spotlight, which also featured the final appearances of numerous other characters, including Dagar and Doctor Spektor.
You'll see that tale next Friday!
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Reading Room BOLD ADVENTURE "Time Force" Conclusion

...a group of superhumans, scientifically-created to be protectors of the weak and helpless throughout the universe, are being slaughtered, out-by-one.
Their killer was Baal, a member of their group, driven mad with a lust for power over all sentient beings.
Now, he has discovered the location of the last of his brethren...
And that's how this tale ends!
No "next issue" blurb!
No "To Be Continued!"
Between this and the other two stories in Pacific's Bold Adventure #1 (1983), I wasn't sure if there would even be a second issue, much less a continuation of this tale.
Pacific wasn't the most reliable publisher, sometimes taking a year between issues!
But, eventually, a second issue came out (five months later).
We'll bring you that one soon...
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Reading Room BOLD ADVENTURE "Time Force" Part 1

This never-reprinted series is easily one of the weirdest ones I've ever seen...
...with a concept that seems almost at odds with the story the spectacular art is telling!
To be continued...
There's lots of pseudo-biblical references (including a scientific Creation/Genesis, a fallen angel/guardian, and a potential Savior.
The antagonist, Baal, considers himself a deity, yet needs technology to achieve his ends.
The creators of Baal and the protaganists are clearly not the creators of the universe themselves, nor have they the power to control the sentient beings which inhabit it!
Co-creators writer/editor Bill DuBay and artist Rudy Nebres are telling an interesting tale in Pacific's Bold Adventure #1 (1983).
But, to my mind it's almost a textbook example of why writers shouldn't edit themselves!
Let's see where it goes....
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Art of Rudy D Nebres

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Reading Room STRANGE WORLDS "They Call Me...Space Pirate"

You know Joe Sinnott as one of the greatest inkers of all time...
...but, when he had the time, he could pencil a mean story, too!
This simple but effective, never-reprinted tale from Atlas' Strange Worlds #5 (1959) gives an idea of the level of artistic talent available in the early days of the Silver Age to editor Stan Lee, who plotted the story which was likely scripted by his brother, Larry Lieber...who was also a competent penciler, but could be a tad long-winded, as panel 5 of the last page demonstrates!
Sinnott's layouts and storytelling are solid, but not as dynamic as fellow artists like Jack Kirby, Don Heck, and Steve Ditko, all of whom he would later magnificently enhance with his detailed inking!
Joe would continue penciling through the 1960s for Vince Colletta's studio which provided art for Charlton, Dell, and advertising clients.
Unfortunately, Colletta did most of the inking on those stories, resulting in Sinnott's work being almost unrecognizable!
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Monday, January 22, 2018

Reading Room NORGE BENSON "Peace Conference on Pax"

...and you have to ask, "how could he possiblly screw this ideal situation up?"
Well, at least he's still involved with the beatiful princess, eh?
Al Walker's kool design style and sense of humor separate this tale from Fiction House's Planet Comics #21 (1942), from becoming like the standard square-jawed space heroes who filled the rest of the book!
As to what will happen when he (and she) hit Pluto...well, be here next Monday to find out!
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Planet Comics

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Design of the Week Redux ATOMIC WAR!

Each week, we post a limited-edition design, to be sold for exactly 7 days, then replaced with another!
...unless it sells really well, like this one has.
Then we keep it for one more week!
This week...Duck n' cover and prepare for the inevitable end in style with Atomic Kommie Comics™ radiation-proof (well, not really!)with this garb and collectibles from our vintage Atomic War collection featuring New York City (including the iconic Empire State Building) going up in a mushroom cloud!
In addition, you can read a collection of stories from the 1950s comics Atomic War! and World War III at our "brother" RetroBlog, War: Past, Present and Future™!