Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Annual Countdown to Halloween Blogathon is coming...

...and, as usual we're enthusiastically-participating, starting with...
...never reprinted Silver/Bronze Age gothic and horror stories featuring The CW's favorite heroine in
Then, witness tales of terror from the 1950s...
...that were redone, not reprinted in the 1960s-70s...
And, finally, never-reprinted gothic romance stories from...
...the short-lived, but fondly-remembered Haunted Love in
All begin the first week in October and run weekly though the macabre month!
Plus, every RetroBlog will have at one or more horror-themed posts!
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Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Fun ALIEN ENCOUNTERS "Now Jr Behave Yourself"

It's the 19th Anniversary of the terrorist attack on 9/11...
...and we think that, with all the problems in the world, we need a laugh!
Kids (even alien ones) will be annoying little shits, as this never-reprinted tale from Eclipse's Alien Encounters #4 (1985) proves!
Though best-known for his adaptations of Clive Barker's work to comics, Chuck Wagner could display a, well, nasty sense of humor.
Illustrator Bill Wray's Wally Wood-esque inking made him an in-demand inker, and his pencils were top-notch as well!
But his inking (and coloring) speed was much faster, so he concentrated his efforts on those skills to pay the bills.
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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Reading Room OUTER SPACE "Third Planet"

Some stories are truly a "product of their time"...
...such as this Silver Age story that reflects the pacifist attitudes of the 18-30 year-olds of the era.
That's how the tale ended in the idealistic 1960s.
If they re-did it today, in the far more cynical 2020s, one (or both) commanders would have had a strike force ready to attack the second the other side disarmed.
This tale from the Charlton one-shot Outer Space (1968) was illustrated by Pat Boyette.
As to who wrote it, it could have been Boyette (who had already proven himself as a writer with several stories for Charlton's anthologies as well as a couple of issues of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt), or Joe Gill, who co-created several pacifist heroes including Peacemaker with Boyette, and GunMaster with Dick Giordano!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder HARSH REALM "Crucible" Part 1

..I gotta admit, having a built-in synopsis is both kool and time/labor-saving!
Now that you're caught up, let's get to it...
Will They Rescue Moira?
Can They Stop an Obviously-Insane Dan Crawford?
Why Has the Artwork Taken a Decidedly-Jack Kirbyesque Turn?
And...What of Kyrn?
The Answers to Some of These Questions Can be Found Here...
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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Before Trump's Space Force... PERIMETER PATROL SERVICE "City of Light"

 Much of early pulp/comic sci-fi utilized military or police organizations in their stories...
...including this tale from Ziff-Davis' Amazing Adventures #6 (1952) which featured members of the "Perimeter Patrol Service" in their second (and last) appearance!
Perhaps Don da Con was remembering a tale like this one when he "brainstormed" Space Force!
Though the writer is unknown, the art is attributed to Henry Sharp, who moved to comics from pulp magazines in 1951 and from comics to television in 1955.
You'll see the Perimeter Patrol Service's second appearance next Tuesday!
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Monday, September 7, 2020

Holiday Reading Room EVERY DAY IS A HOLLY DAY "Labor Day"

Our anti-Union/pro-"Right to Work" President...
...wouldn't have unions at all, if he could somehow sing it!
Why is this 1955 comic entitled "Every Day's a Holly Day" instead of "Every Day's a Holiday"?
Because it was given away to kids by grocers who sold Holly Sugar!
Illustrated by John Rosenberger, it's a unique pamphlet covering a number of American holidays, including both Lincoln and Washington's Birthdays (before they were combined into "Presidents' Day" in 1962), Mothers' Day (though not Fathers' Day), Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and a couple of holidays we've largely abandoned...Pan-American Day and American Indian Day!
We'll be presenting the other chapters on the dates they fall upon.
Watch for them!
(BTW, Monday Madness will return next week...)
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Sunday, September 6, 2020

A Halloween Treat (No Trick!)...Horror Comics of the 1950s!

Since brick-and-mortar stores are already selling Halloween stuff, we now offer the following...
Before videogames came along, comics, tv, and movies were said to be the contributing factors to...(gasp)...JUVENILE DELINQUENCY!
Noted psychiatrist Dr Fredric Wertham SAID SO in his classic book Seduction of the Innocent!
I say...CELEBRATE the stuff your grandparents said would warp your parents' minds!
After all, they turned out OK, didn't they?
Didn't they?
Oh, well...
What could be more appropriate for Halloween than the frightening images of Horror Comics of the 1950s™ on tote bags, t-shirts, mini-buttons,and other ghoulish goodies?
Are you ready to be scared?
Click HERE...if you dare!