Saturday, August 11, 2018

Did You Miss the FIrst Week's Chapters of the Story DC Comics REFUSES to Publish...MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL?

(Writer) Otto Binder (Artists) C. C. Beck, Pete Costanza (Cover Artist) Michael Cho
At first he was simply a disembodied voice on the radio, taunting Captain Marvel with his ever-more-fiendish schemes to conquer the world.
Then, readers gasped as Mr. Mind was revealed-all two inches of him!
Was this lowly creature really the epitome of evil he claimed to be?
Fortunately, Billy Batson understood the folly of underestimating someone based on their size!
As small as he was, Mr. Mind was big trouble-especially once he turned the menacing members of his Monster Society of Evil loose to wreak havoc!

This new title collects the entire 24-chapter serial from the Golden Age of Comics with new essays by Fawcett Comics expert P.C. Hamerlinck and film producer and comics historian Michael Uslan.
Collects stories from Captain Marvel Adventures #22-46!
In Shops: Feb 06, 2019
 Then DC pulled the plug!
After careful consideration, DC announces that the Shazam!: The Monster Society fo Evil Deluxe Edition HC (JUL180783) is cancelled due to concerns over its contents,
This title will not be resolicited.
The mini-series had been reprinted once, in 1989 by American Nostalgia Library in a magnificent oversized hardcover with a run of only 3000 copies.
That edition, seen below, is incredibly HTF.

Since we believe the story has historical significance, and the racism (which we abhor) is part of the tale, RetroBlogs dropped the plans we had for various summer mini-blogathons to re-present the entire, unexpurgated story scanned from the original issues of Fawcett's Captain Marvel Adventures at Hero Histories and Not Safe For Work Comics!
Enjoy, and keep up with the saga Monday through Friday!
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Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Fun REX DEXTER OF MARS "Diamonds Aren't a Planet's Best Friend"

Once more, Earth comes under attack by aliens...
...and only Rex Dexter can save the planet from certain destruction!
(Do I sense a potential meme here?)
"Off to Mars, again!"???
They haven't been there since they left to travel to Earth in Fox's Mystery Men Comics #1!
Rex and Cynde usually end up detouring back to Earth to save its' sorry butt...again and again!
Including this never-reprinted tale from Fox's Mystery Men Comics #16 (1940), over half of Rex's adventures consist of helping Earth...a planet, I might add, that booted him out!
We should retitle this strip "Rex Dexter: Interplanetary SUCKER"!
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Thursday, August 9, 2018


...VP Pence will outline the Drumpf administration's plan to create a new branch of the military focused on defending the ultimate high ground.
You can watch it live HERE!
Were Don the Con's grandiose plans inspired by these comics about "space marines" from his childhood?
(I doubt he actually read any books, so it's unlikely he was inspired by Heinlein's Starship Troopers!)
Published in 1952, the series ran only two issues, with a couple of unpublished stories appearing in other mags later on.
Conceived by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, illustrated by comics legends Bernie Krigstein and Murphy Anderson, with covers by Norman Saunders and Allen (no relation to Murphy) Anderson, the series took the concept of the US Marine Corps and transplanted it to outer space in the near-future.
Though not specificially-stated, the Space Busters were Americans and Western Europeans, with no Communist countries or non-white nations represented.
You can read a complete digitally-remastered re-presentation of this apparently-groundbreaking (and still never reprinted) series at our brother RetroBlog, War: Past, Present & Future!
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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR "Princess of Doom!"

We Have Already Seen...
Well, we've gone totally-off script from the ERB novella!
Not to mention...what's up with Tangor's hair???
Did he find an unlimited mousse supply somewhere?
Murphy Anderson handled the art duties on this never-reprinted installment from DC's Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle #218 (1973) with his usual classic-style finesse.
The question is...who scripted it?
Various sources attribute either Marv Wolfman or Denny O'Neil, with no definitive answer available.
This open-ended chapter ended the strip's run in Tarzan...but there's one more tale to you'll see next week!
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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "Guardian of the Stars!"

What's kooler than a Jack (King) Kirby cover?
How about the never-reprinted Steve Ditko story it leads into?
Did the cover or the story come first?
The total redesign of the robot indicates whichever was done first wasn't provided to the other artist as reference!
Also, shouldn't the title be "Guardian of the Earth"?
Of course, that would be a "spoiler", ruining the drama shown on the cover...
Illustrated by Steve Ditko, this tale from Atlas' World of Fantasy #17 (1959) was probably plotted by Stan Lee, though the scripting doesn't read like his work.
Keep an eye on this blog as we re-present more never-reprinted Steve Ditko stories and covers!
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Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday Madness FANTASTIC COMICS "Space Smith and the Death of a Planetary Policeman!"

This series has become "gangsters in space"...
...with plots right out of the then-popular crime films of the 1930s, transposed into the future!
This never-reprinted tale from Fox's Fantastuc Comics #17 (1941) isn't a bad story, just...familiar.
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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Reading Room ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN "Vampire Spider"

Here's a tale that combines two of the most popular themes of sci-fi/horror... mutation in human beings and giant arachnids (which includes both insects and spiders)!
This never-reprinted cover story from ACG's Adventures into the Unknown #50 (1953) was written by Richard Hughes and illustrated by Robert McCarty, who, unfortunately, doesn't do a very accurate (most panels show the arachnid with only six legs) or scary spider...
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