Saturday, September 25, 2021

Space Force Saturdays INTERPLANETARY POLICE "Rumpus on Rex" Part 1

Defending Law and Order in the Far Future (as seen in the 1950s)...
...and now penciled by the legendary Reed Crandall!
 Be here next Saturday for the exciting conclusion!
Curiously, the previous adventure ended with The Space Siren evading capture (but clearly alive) and our heroes heading for Mars.
Yet, here they're returning from Venus and they believe Tanya is dead!
Is there an "unpublished adventure" floating around somewhere?
This high-adventure story from Buster Brown Comic Book #30 (1953) was written by Hobart Donovan, penciled by Reed Crandall, and inked by Ray Willner.
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Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday Fun ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS "Scared Silly!" Part 1

We're leading into October with a monstrous two-part tale (in more ways than one)... a renamed Frankenstein and friends meet...Jerry Lewis???
To Be Continued...NEXT FRIDAY!
This rather weird tale from DC's Adventures of Jerry Lewis #83 (1964), written by Arnold Drake and illustrated by Bob Oksner, was typical of the sort of stories that appeared in the comics DC published based on real-life entertainment personalities.
Though all but non-existent now, from the 1940s until the 1970s, almost every company published a couple of them!
Most were based on adventure/action actors like John Wayne, Buster Crabbe, or Roy Rogers, usually with an Old West theme.
But DC's longest-running ones were based on Jerry Lewis (124 issues plus a Super DC Giant from 1952 to 1971) and Bob Hope (109 issues from 1950 to 1969), both of which leaned heavily on fantasy/sci-fi plotlines and haven't been reprinted since that aforementioned Super DC Giant a half century sgo!
Note: outside of Universal monster movie re-runs on TV, the place kids most frequently saw Frankenstein and his pals in the 1960s were in comic books like  the Lewis and Hope comics (where they became ongoing characters), Archie's MadHouse, and the short-lived campy Dell Comics superhero versions of Dracula, Frankenstein, and WolfMan (renamed "WereWolf")!
While the Comics Code Authority. didn't allow "serious" versions of the characters, they apparently had no problem with humorous versions...or versions clearly-shown to be aliens or androids/robots!
That changed when the Code was modified in 1971 to allow the "classic" versions to once more appear in four-color comics.
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Movie about a comic book artist, a fan, and a model in a threesome
starring Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin with Shirley MacLaine as "BatLady"!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "Wings of Jealous Gods"

In 1972, Supergirl moved from Adventure Comics into her own title...
...and DC decided to restore Adventure to its' original anthology format.
The first issue (425) featured the kool Mike Kaluta cover seen above, along with a never-reprinted, high-adventure story illustrated by a Golden Age pro who had moved to the animation field, but still kept in touch with his comic book roots...
Alex Toth made a brief return to DC in 1972-73, doing stories for several titles, including Adventure (where he did a two-part Black Canary back-up tale several issues earlier), Detective, and Our Fighting Forces.
Toth would do one more tale for Adventure Comics during this period; "Is a Snerl Human?", which we presented HERE.
(If you want to see all the Alex Toth stories we've presented, click HERE.)
Lynn Marron scripted several tales for DC and Warren in the early 1970s before disappearing from comics...but not from writing!
She's the author of several ongoing mystery and fantasy series available as e-books or print-on-demand editions on Amazon.
Check out her website HERE.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder HUNT BOWMAN AND THE LOST WORLD Part 3

Nope, you don't have to reboot your tablet/laptop/desktop/smartphone...

...this story was published in b/w instead of color!
...hapless astronaut Hunt Bowman, put in suspended animation by a NASA experiment, slept through World War III, which reduced Earth to a barren world populated by savages.
Finally defrosted, he meets a mute woman flying a jetcycle and armed with advanced focused-energy weapons.
She flies him to a nearby small city where he exact look-alike of himself!
You'll note all three of my theories are still equally-valid...
1) Since Bowman is from the past, is this guy also from the past...or Bowman himself, returned from further into the future?
2) Is he a clone, created from Bowman's cells taken before he went into space?
3) Is this not only a future Earth, but an alternate universe as well?
Regrettably, we'll never know the answer, since this was the final issue of Blackthorne's revival of Planet Comics! (The book being printed in b/w instead of the previous issues' full color might've been a tip-off!).
Neither the Golden Age nor Bronze Age versions of Hunt Bowman have appeared in new tales since!
Next Week...
A New Wednesday World of Wonder!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Reading Room COSMIC BOOK "UFO and the Perts vs Experts"

Feeling just a wee bit paranoid?
Feel like the world just doesn't make any sense at all?
Well, you ain't alone, kiddo!
While it's been reprinted several times, this version from Wandering Star Press' Cosmic Book #1 (1986) is the only time it's been presented in color!
The Cosmic Book was a personal obsession for Pat Boyette who packaged it (as well as doing the covers and a couple of tales inside), then shopped it around to numerous publishers until Ace Comics agreed to co-publish it.
Though there were rumors of a second issue, it never appeared.
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Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday Mars Madness TWILIGHT ZONE "Mars: Dead or Alive"

55 years ago, when I saw this painted George Wilson cover on the comics rack of my local candy store...
...I just had to read it!
(BTW, the model posing as the astronaut is Steve (Doc Savage) Holland!)
Written by Dick Wood and illustrated by Nevio Zaccara, the cover-feature (though not lead story) from Gold Key's Twilight Zone #17 (1966) offered a somewhat-plausable explanation (in those pre-Mars Rover days) as to why we hadn't seen signs of life on Mars.
Wood and Zaccara also collaborated on the never-reprinted Explorers in the Unknown strip that ran in Gold Key's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea comic.
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