Saturday, September 28, 2019

Countdown to Halloween 2019 begins Tuesday!

We're pleased to be included in the...
Starting October 1st, we'll be posting stuff once a week on five different RetroBlogs, so there'll be daily posts from us Monday thru Friday!
Secret Sanctum of Captain Video kicks off the week with adaptations of two of American International's 1960s "Edgar Allan Poe" flicks...
The Raven, starring Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Jack Nicholson!
War-Gods of the Deep, which is actually an original sci-fi screenplay set in the early 1900s, making it a "steampunk before it was steampunk" flick!
Seduction of the Innocent continues the horror with the psychedelic adventures of the British Victorian-era monster-fighter Sir Leo...
...yeah, it's as weird and off-beat as it sounds!
BTW, there are several never-seen-in-the-US tales in this batch, so there's another good reason not to miss this one!
True Love Comics Tales offers our annual collection of sci-fi, fantasy and horror...
...all with romance as the central plot!
Hero Histories covers the first few, never-reprinted appearances of plainclothes monster-fighter Werewolf Hunter...
...who had a surprisingly-long run in the back of Fiction House's military-oriented Rangers Comics!
We end the week with the comic book adventures of real-life magician and debunker Dr William (Bill) Neff in Horror Comics of the 1950s!
The series has links to the pulp-radio-comic character The Shadow, since creator Walter Gibson (aka Maxwell Grant) wrote all the stories and Bob Powell, who illustrated a number of The Shadow's pulp and comic book tales during the Golden Age also drew Neff's adventures!
Plus, here at Atomic Kommie Comics, our three ongoing features will be horror-themed!
Monday Madness posts will be the never-seen-in-America Dracula humor strips from the original Spanish-language Dracula comic from 1971!
Note: the 12-issue magazine series was translated and reprinted in England, then the first 6 issues were packaged as a trade paperback by Warren (Creepy/Eerie/Vampirella) Publications!
But neither English-language version ran these one-pagers despite the fact the strip is wordless!
Wednesday Worlds of Wonder will peek into the apocalyptic future of...The Walking Dead!
No, not that Walking Dead!
This one...
Yes, gang, we're returning to the never-reprinted original Walking Dead, from 30 years ago, over a decade before the one the TV show is based on!
And our Friday Fun posts will be covers and pages from the never-reprinted humor magazines Monsters to Laugh With / Monsters Unlimited and Monster Madness, featuring scripting/captioning by the late, great Stan Lee!

Friday, September 27, 2019


Besides comic books, Marvel made occasional forays into the b/w magazine market...
..with this seven-issue 1965-66 title being their longest-lasting Silver Age series!
(Note: with the second issue, Stan Lee's name was added to the cover as a selling point!)
Other mags had used the gimmick of captioning old movie and tv photos for a feature in a magazine...but never an entire magazine!
At this point, the book changed it's title...
...nobody's really sure why, but it seemed to work!
One of the koolest aspects was that Stan Lee wrote the captions...
...bringing the same kitchy vaudville-level humor that he used for decades in Marvel's humor comics!
I'm not sure if declining sales or Stan Lee's increasing workload caused the cancellation!
(Besides his writing/editing duties, he was now the public face of Marvel, giving interviews, making appearances on tv, even touring college campuses where Marvel Comics were the "in" thing!)
In 1973, when Marvel unleashed an entire line of b/w magazines, ranging from horror to kung fu...
...they revived the concept, still written by Stan Lee!
...but this time, the title was the least-successful of the b/w line!
It was re-tooled into a Famous Monsters of Filmland/Castle of Frankenstein format, adding features about both old and current films and tv shows...
...but the alteration didn't help and the book was cancelled.
Marvel tried again, later that year with a Famous Monsters of Filmland/Castle of Frankenstein clone called Monsters of the Movies, which lasted for eight regular issues and an Annual.
Starting next Friday, through November, you'll be seeing the best (IMHO) of each issue!
Don't Miss It!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Reading Room LARS OF MARS 3-D "When Terrorists Die..."

Get out the 3-D glasses, kiddies... we present the final, never-reprinted Lars of Mars tale...from 1987???
Eclipse Comics and 3-D expert Ray Zone were using a number of old comic strips as the basis for a series of 3-D comics.
But this was an entirely-new tale created specifically for Eclipse's Lars of Mars 3-D #1 (1987), as detailed below...
The rest of the book were reprints of "EarthShaker" and "Terror Weapon" modified to 3-D.
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featuring the covers of both issues of Lars of Mars!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder SEEKER 3000 "A New Beginning..." Conclusion

After losing their original captain, Jordan Shaw, the crew elects one of his sons, Jericho, to replace him.
The new Captain Shaw proceeds with the plan his father laid out when they left Earth 25 years earlier, searching for a new home for the survivors of mankind.
The Seeker 3000 has just warped to it's next destination, which the crew hopes will be a habitable planet!
We'll find out what the aliens from the never-reprinted Marvel's Seeker 3000 #1 (1998) want...
...but not next week, because, for the Halloween season (meaning October), Wednesday Worlds of Wonder takes a ghoulish turn going back to another future, albeit here on Earth and not so kool...the future of...The Walking Dead!
No, not that Walking Dead!
This one...
Yes, gang, we're returning to the never-reprinted original Walking Dead, from 30 years ago, over a decade before the one the TV show is based on!
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(the first appearance of the series)

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Reading Room TIME WARP "Righteous Ones"

Asm thanks to Don da Con, rumbles of nuclear war grow ever louder...
...we thought we'd take a look at a possible result of such a frightening future!
Cue Twilight Zone theme...
Written by DC writer/editor George Kashdan (who co-created Tommy Tomorrow) and illustrated by the multi-talented Dick Giordano, this never-reprinted tale from DC's Time Warp #1 (1979) reads like it was scripted a decade earlier in the late 1960s, especially in the teen-agers' dialogue ("Like it was chain-reacted into doomsville!")!
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