Saturday, February 5, 2022

Space Force Saturdays SPACE PATROL "Cannibal Monster of the Pygmy Planet"

Rockets on full for ACTION in the far future...
...on the maiden voyage of a new Space Patrol ship (after we saw their previous vessel get trashed HERE)!

The story really doesn't make much sense, but, hoo-boy, is it fast-paced FUN!
The multi-talented Basil Wolverton wrote, illustrated, lettered, and probably colored, this final tale of the Space Patrol from Centaur's Amazing Mystery Funnies #24 (1940).
There's a change in direction for our ongoing Saturday feature, and you'll have to be here next week to see where it's going!
Don't Miss It!

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Friday, February 4, 2022

Frigid Friday Fun PLANET COMICS "Cosmo Corrigan in Martians, Mercurians and Money!"

Yeah, I know the logo says "Cosmic", not "Cosmo"...
...but he's called "Cosmo" in the story itself, as well as the next (and final) tale, so I consider the logo to be a typo!
Now, back to Pluto, the world that makes our current weather look like a balmy summer day!
Be here next Friday for Cosmo's frigid final adventure!
Illustrated by George Tuska (who would handle the Buck Rogers newspaper strip in the 1950s, as well as become Iron Man's illustrator when he received his own book in the 1960s) the scripter for this tale from Fiction House's Planet Comics #10 (1941) is, regrettably, unknown.
("Ray Alexander" was a Fiction House pseudonom.)
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Reprinting issues 9-12

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "Prior Warning"

Some "people" are just too smart for their own good... this never-reprinted short story proves!
Carl Sagan postulated in his novel, Contact, that aliens could receive our radio and tv broadcasts which were traveling at light-speed from Earth since the 1920s, literally broadcasting our presence to the rest of the universe.
Without context, what would they make of those images...and how might they make use of them?
This story from DC's Adventure Comics #425 (1972-73), illustrated by Frank Redondo, offers one outcome.
BTW, the writer is unknown.
Note: for three issues, Adventure Comics briefly returned to its' original anthology format between the departure of Supergirl into her own title and the debut of heroine Black Orchid!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder RESIDENT EVIL "Prologue"

You won't see Alice/Janus (Mila Jovovich) in this tale from 1996...
...since she was created for the film series in 2001!
But you will see characters from the video game, some of whom have since appeared in the movie universe!
BTW, this is a prequel to the first Resident Evil video game and was a promo given away at game stores along with a $5-off coupon for the game cartridge!
There's a superb post from Discomfort Food Comics about the creation of this book which can be found HERE!
Trivia: Bill Sienkiewicz did the game's cover which was reused for the comic, not the other way around!
Much like other creative properties that have spawned spinoffs in other media, there are different versions/universes of Resident Evil with the same basic concept, but each with it's own unique concept/plotlines/characters, specifically the video games (and their spinoffs) and the movies (and their spinoffs).
Just curious...which one do you prefer?
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Resident Evil
(Complete 7-volume mini-series based on the video game universe, not the movie universe)

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "Sword of the Dead!"

Here's a never-reprinted Adventure Comics tale of "HIGH adventure"...
...written and illustrated by Gil Kane during the same period he was producing his landmark graphic novel BlackMark!
Now, THAT'S the way to tell a story!
This tale appeared in DC's Adventure Comics #425 (1972-73), when it was, briefly, an anthology between the departure of Supergirl into her own title and the debut of heroine Black Orchid!
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One of the first true graphic novels

Monday, January 31, 2022

Monday Madness FANTASTIC FOUR UNLIMITED "Shape of Things That Came!"

You thought you'd never see this guy...

...anywhere except in reprints?
well, you don't know Marvel, Bunkie!
Decades after his initial appearance (which we showed HERE), both the monster and his supporting cast re-emerged from obscurity in Marvel's Fantastic Four Unlimited #7 (1994), beginning with Frank Johnson, the illustrator who created Zzutak, meeting the team (minus Reed Richards, but plus Scott Lang aka Ant-Man II)...

However, there was a familiar (to Frank Johnson, at least) party-crasher...
Mayhem ensues, but the Aztecs manage to grab both Frank and his son...
Once in Mexico, we learn why Frank had the ability to bring illustrations created using those paints to life...
In comics, that's actually a quite plausible theory...and it works!
And before you can shout "Here I come to save the day!"...
Subtitled "A ten-story tribute those those marvelous Lee/Kirby monsters", writer Roy Thomas, penciler Herb Trimpe and inker Carmen Imperato followed the original tale's plot and concepts closely enough that anyone reading them back-to-back (as you did) would have no problem considering it a legitimate sequel to the original!
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(HTF anthology TPB from the 1980s featuring Zzutak's first appearance plus a kool never-reprinted "Kirby-tribute" wraparound cover by Walt Simonson)