Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Let's go make a withdrawal..." BANG! BUDDA-BUDDA-BUDDA! BLAM!

Few criminals have been fodder for dramatization more than John Dillinger!
Currently, Johnny Depp is filming a new biopic, Public Enemies, in Illinois.
Many noted actors including Martin Sheen, Mark Harmon, Warren Oates, Robert Conrad, Nick Adams, Ralph Meeker, and Lawrence Tierney have portrayed the notorious gangster in tv and films! Dillinger even appeared in episodes of Lois & Clark and NightMan!
There are numerous novels and historical texts about and including him!
And, he's even been the star of his own comic book!

Atomic Kommie Comics™ proudly offers not one, not two, but five different designs on kool kollectibles! Three classic movie posters and two Golden Age comic covers!
The average guy on the street will wear the poster art for the Johnny Depp film! On the other hand, you, dear reader, as a master of pop culture coolness, would rather go retro at Real-Life Criminals, a section of Crime & Punishment devoted to true-crime comics & flix and choose from messenger bags, t-shirts, mousepads and other swag adorned with classic Dillinger imagery!

PLUS: A comic book bonus: From Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine (an incredible blog! Subscribe to it NOW!), here's The True Story of John Dillinger!

Indians weren't always the "bad guys"!

Atomic Kommie Comics™ continues it's revival of Western comic book pop art as kool kollectibles!
New to Western Comic Adventures™ is Native Americans, featuring heroic Indian/Native American/AmerInd lead characters (not sidekicks like Tonto or Little Beaver, who also had their own comics) battled evil and injustice, no matter who was committing it, cowboy or Indian!
Yes, in these books, the Indian won!
So far, we have two collectible designs each for Red Arrow and Indian Braves (featuring Green Arrowhead), and we'll be adding more as we acquire or borrow books to scan.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The FIRST SuperHero Archer Returns!

Before Green Arrow!
Before Hawkeye!
Before Alias the Spider!
There was...The Arrow!
First appearing in Funny Pages V2N10, The Arrow was US Intelligence Agent Ralph Payne, who feeling constrained by government rules and regulations, decided to use his archery skills to deal with lawbreakers who otherwise would get away with crimes!
He wore either a red or blue hooded costume without a mask (which color depended on what worked better with the cover's color scheme) , though the artists would hide his face with shadows or angle him so his face wouldn't show to the reader.
Atomic Kommie Comics™ has returned him to the pop culture scene in a new line of collectibles featuring three of his best covers both from Funny Pages (including his first cover appearance) and his own short-lived title.
Head over to Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ to see him and all the other characters who Alex Ross has revived for a modern-day audience in the amazing Project SuperPowers comic! (In fact issue #5 cover-features both The Arrow and The Target & Targeteers together! Hmmm, an archer and three guys with bulls-eyes on their chests! Sounds like one of those Marvel comics when heroes run into each other and..."When Titans Clash!")
As we always say, BUY Project SuperPowers! It's well worth your hard-earned cash!
And, if you happen to pick up an item or two from Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ , so much the better! ;-)