Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Uncle is The Lone Ranger and My Son is The Green Hornet!

Status quo-changing events are not a new phenomenon in fiction.
Even in the Golden Age of Comics, series and characters received revamps (or even total reboots) if sales weren't meeting expectations.
Sometimes, the revamp extended through a character's other media incarnations as well!
And, at least once, through two different characters' incarnations with a crossover character...Dan Reid!
Much has been written about the radio show episodes that tied The Green Hornet and The Lone Ranger together, using Dan Reid, who was both Britt (Green Hornet) Reid's father, and John (Lone Ranger) Reid's nephew!
Though Dan was the same character in both shows, different actors played him on the two series, because Dan was a 'tween/teen on the 1880s-set Lone Ranger, and a middle-aged/elderly man on the contemporary (1940s) Green Hornet!

The 1940s Harvey Green Hornet comic book series had been loosely-adapting the radio show's scripts into comic stories, but when this storyline (spread over four episodes) ran on the radio show, the comics' creatives had to do some serious juggling to fit two hours of dramatic radio into two eight-page chapters in a single issue!
(And, yes, a subtle Lone Ranger reference is in the comic story, too!)
It's so historically-important that we couldn't confine this tale to a single blog!
You can see the results at Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™, with the conclusion at Hero Histories™.
In both entries, we're providing not only the comics tales, but the radio show episodes as well, so you can compare them!

Plus, we're presenting the introduction of Dan Reid (as a kid) into the Lone Ranger series, which added another ongoing character with whom the Masked Rider of the Prairie could interact (especially when the actor playing Tonto went on vacation or was out sick) in both comics and mp3 formats!
You'll find Part One HERE at Western Comics Adventures™ and Part Two HERE, back at Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Reading Room: FANTASTIC WORLDS "Cosmic Terror"

Some say space opera is just a Western with ray guns instead of six-shooters...
...but this never-reprinted tale from Standard's Fantastic Worlds #6 (1952) is a Cold War tale with aliens instead of Communists!
Though the scripter is unknown, the artwork is by Art Saaf, who had a long career in comics from the mid-1940s to the mid 1970s, doing everything from romance to horror to sci-fi to superheroes!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reading Room: CAPTAIN SCIENCE "Metal Monsters"

Captain Science has faced aliens (twice) and an undead Adolf Hitler.
So what's next?
Giant robots, of course!
To be specific, giant robots sent by the aliens he's beaten twice!
The art on this never-reprinted story from Youthful's Captain Science #3 (1951)  is by Gustav Schrotter.
The writer is unknown.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Steve Holland IS Steve Zodiac in STEVE ZODIAC & FIREBALL XL5

Art by George Wilson
Due to the passing of sci-fi movie/tv creator Gerry Anderson, we've been running tributes to his shows on our "brother" blog Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™, including the never-reprinted one-shot Steve Zodiac and Fireball from Gold Key Comics (HERE and HERE).
When we posted the painted cover for SZ&F, the face of Steve Zodiac looked very familar to us.
It's Steve Holland, the manliest actor/model who ever lived!
Best known as the model for the iconic Doc Savage #1 paperback cover that redefined the "look" of the character from 1964 onward, Holland was also The Avenger, The Spider (both the masked Berkley Books and turtlenecked Pocket Books versions), James Bond (on Bantam Books' early 1970s reprints)
and as various characters (who aren't even in the movie) on movie posters including Danger: Diabolik and Wild, Wild Planet!
Plus. he was TV's Flash Gordon in the 1950s!
Now we can add the distinction of being the first person to appear as a live-action version of a Supermationation character to Holland's extensive resume!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reading Room: SPACE SQUADRON "Planet of Madness"

Let's blast-off for excitement (if not scientific accuracy) in the year 2000...
...which was actually thirteen years ago!
You can move the Sun away from Mercury?
(Wouldn't moving the tiny planet Mercury be easier than moving the Sun, the largest body in the Solar System?)
Mercurians have the element Mercury in their veins?
And they possess both a "good" head and a "bad" head?
(Why not just remove the "bad" head at birth?)
The writer and artist for this lead story from Atlas/Marvel's Space Squadron #3 (1951) are unknown, though in the scripter's case, it might be best to remain anonymous.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Black Beetle is Not Just "Noir"...It's SUPER Noir!

It's not often you get to define (or redefine) an entire genre...
...but multi-award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla has done just that, with Dark Horse Comics christing his new pulp-style retro-hero series Black Beetle as "Super Noir"!
So, what are you waiting for?
Get out there, and buy it...NOW!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Valentine's Day is Coming! Don't Wait Until the Last Minute!

Comics aren't just about spandex-clad heroes and heroines in battles of cosmic import!
They also tell intimate tales of heartbreak and true love, betrayal and redemption, and misery and sheer joy!

With than in mind, Valentine's Day is coming in just over a month!
And, what says "True Love" better than a kool, kitchy gift from TRUE LOVE COMICS TALES™? (Plus, it's both longer-lasting AND cheaper than a dozen roses!)

Choose from over 50 heart-rending designs in ten categories including...
(The ORIGINAL LonelyHearts Columnist)
(or is that "Love in School"?)
(A lost, never-reprinted series from the 1970s)
on greeting cards, teddy bears, calendars, shirts/tops/intimate wear, diaries, and many other kool kollectibles!

A public service announcement for all lovers and would-be lovers from your BFFs at Atomic Kommie Comics™.