Monday, May 20, 2024

Monday Madness GHOSTLY TALES "Anywhere Machine!"

This starts out as a hard sci-fi adventure...

...but it ends as an entirely different genre!
The title of the comic should tip you off as to what genre!
At this point, Charlton had cancelled their sci-fi anthologies, so this story by writer Nick Cuti, layout artist Wally Wood, and penciler-inker Tom Sutton ended up in Ghostly Tales #107 (1973)!
You'll note the addition of the book's host, Mr L Dead, to the splash and a couple of captions.
When the tale was reprinted in Charlton's revived Space War #30 (1978)...

...Deth was gone!
Note: the cover by Wayne Howard, who started his career working for Wally Wood, has never been reprinted!
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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Did We Ask "What's the Point of Supplying England While They Defy Hitler?"

...or Did We Provide What They Needed While They Were...

Note: Republicans Didn't Support Supplying England During World War II!
Read the Republican Party Platform (in their own words) HERE!
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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Space Force Saturdays THREE ROCKETEERS "Long Long Years"

Introduced in Harvey's Race for the Moon #3 (1958)...

This team of intrepid explorers survived the book's cancellation to appear in other Harvey titles over the next decade!

Penciled (and possibly written) by Jack Kirby and inked by Al Williamson, the team's debut exemplifies the 1950's optimism that science and humanity's desire to explore the unknown would enable us to set up space stations and moonbases within a few decades!
Sadly, as of the end of the first quarter of the 21st Century, over half a century later, we ain't there yet!
Yeah, we have one small space station, but nothing like what we envisioned...
Now that's a space station!
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Friday, May 17, 2024

Friday Fun DASHERS Part 1

Considering the problems DoorDash is having with the Department of Labor...

...perhaps Marvel's helping to recruit gig workers for them might, in retrospect, not seem to be the best possible partnership!

What is Quantl's insidious plan?
And how are The Dashers involved?
Be Here Next Friday to Find Out!!!
Even leaving out the fact that every single one of these "Dashers" is ignoring the "Prime Directive" of the Marvel Multiverse...
...and using their powers only for personal gain, isn't it weird that only they have superpowers?
Written by Paul Allor, laid out by Steve Kurth, and illustrated by Andrea Olimpieri & Valerio Befani, this promotional one-shot was handed out at NYCC '22, and possibly other conventions.
There are no copies of the comic available on Amazon, but there is one on eBay...marked down to $29.99 from $119.99!
The book isn't listed in the Grand Comics Database!

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Reading Room / Tales Thrice Told STRANGE TALES "A Thouand Years Later..." we give you the second version, by the legendary team of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko!
Written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Steve Ditko, this story from Marvel's Strange Tales #90 (1961) is the second time in two years that Lee produced a story based on the "Adam and Eve on past/future Earth" cliche, this time adding the plot element of an immortal man who didn't fit in with society.
Lee would reuse the "Adam and Eve" concept one more time two years we shall see Tuesday!
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