Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Reading Room MYSTICAL TALES "Endless Search"

It's said that artists see things not as they are, but as they should be..
...a concept Cedric Chalmers inadvertantly discovers in this never-reprinted story from Atlas' Mystical Tales #1 (1956)!
Despite its' title, the short-lived Mystical Tales was actually a sci-fi/science-fantasy anthology.
To this day, almost none of the tales have been reprinted, despite being rendered by a number of well-known artists like Joe Orlando (who did this story), Bob Powell, Reed Crandall, Bill Everett, and Bernie Krigstein!
The writers for almost all of the stories, however, are unknown.
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Monday, November 28, 2022

Monday Madness CHRISTMAS WITH MOTHER GOOSE "Christmas in the Shoe"

Walt (Pogo) Kelly was Dell's go-to creator for light-hearted kids' stories...
...as this tale from Dell's Four Color Comics #201: Christmas with Mother Goose (1948) amply demonstrates!
Kelly was expert at doing sequels to classic fairy tales, often inserting them into situations never conceived of by the original storytellers, yet making them "feel" totally-natural, as if they were "lost" stories by the original creators!
BTW, this was not the only time Kelly put the characters in a Christmas tale!
You'll see the other one next week!
Note: this was reprinted once, in a magazine, Western/Golden's Christmas Annual #8 (1975), 
This is the only issue which included comics.
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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Christmas Ain't the ONLY Thing That's Coming...

...since, if Europe is any indication (and it usually is), Covid's making a comeback!

But we can still celebrate with family and friends by using festive face masks like these
...or, if you're feeling grumpy, some
...or, last (but not least),

Each double-layer mask is reusable, washable, and built for comfort.
Every one-size-fits-all adult or kid mask features a pocket for optional filter use...and comes with two free carbon filters!
PLUS: these are exclusive designs, not available anywhere else or line-or in Brick-and-mortar stores!
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Saturday, November 26, 2022


Because it's Thanksgiving weekend, and we're out shopping...

..due to the Dreaded Deadline Doom, we're re-presenting a classic (but rarely-seen) Flash Gordon tale...
...the untold story of Flash Gordon's first encounter with the inhabitants of Mongo!

Writer Mark Schultz and artist Al Williamson pulled off what many these days would consider to be impossible...a retcon that doesn't contradict any of the previous stories, nor requires a reboot of the character's entire history!
(I thought only Rascally Roy Thomas was capable of such a feat!)
Not only that, but it includes visual Easter Eggs relating to various past versions of Flash, including the Clay People from the second movie serial, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, spaceships from the 1930s serials and the 1979 animated series, Flash's father (named "Alex" after artist Alex Raymond) looking remarkably like Buster Crabbe (the actor who played Flash in all three serials), and a young Dr Zarkov based on Al Williamson himself!
You can read the entire mini-series from the start by clicking HERE!
It's well worth your time to do so!
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(which reprints the mini-series, but in black-and-white!)

Friday, November 25, 2022


Since there's a new movie on NetFlix, Slumberland, based on it..

...here's a Thanksgiving-themed page from the legendary Winsor McCabe comic strip, Little Nemo in SlumberLand from November 26, 1905.

Click on image to enlarge to see the spectacular detail!
(Note the giant turkey, the lake of cranberry sauce and forest of celery stalks!)
Oddly, the movie doesn't credit the source comic strip or its' creator/writer/artist in any way!
Talk about turkeys...
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