Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Reading Room / Halloween Horror SUSPENSE "Raving Maniac"

People blaming pop culture (like movies and video games) for violence and evil in society is nothing new...
...as seen in this over 65-year old short story from Atlas' Suspense #29 (1953)!
Writer/editor Stan Lee is the model for the story's editor.
Though artist Joe Maneely doesn't use Dr Fredric Wertham's likeness for the screaming loon, the character is clearly based on the impression the "good doctor" made on comics industry workers whose livelihood he almost destroyed.
This was the final issue of the pre-Comics Code horror title which, initially, adapted stories from the famous dramatic radio show.
When the similarly-named Tales of Suspense debuted a couple of years later, it was a Code-approved science-fiction/fantasy title until the arrival of superheroes Iron Man and Captain America.
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Monday, October 26, 2020

Monday Madness / Halloween Horror THE SPECTRE "Hit and Run!"

Our final pre-Halloween entry...

...is from the final issue of The Spectre's stint as a horror host de-powered from being one of the DC Universe's most powerful characters!
Here's one of the stories you'd find under this kool Nick Cardy cover for DC's Spectre #10 (1969)...
No wonder God "demoted" the Spectre!
Writer Steve Skeates and artist Jose Delbo showed that, despite once being a near-omnipotent entity, the Ghostly Guardian is still...only human!
BTW, this issue also had an usual text feature...its' own obituary by DC's resident historian, Mark Hanerfeld!
The Spectre did return, and sacrifice his...existence...to save both Earth One and Earth-Two in the Justice League's annual team-up with the Justice Society in DC's JLA #82-83 (1970).
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The Spectre
(which reprints this tale...but in black-and-white!)

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Space Force Saturdays SPEED CARTER: SPACEMAN "Slaughter on a Star!"

The 1950s, when heroic astronauts fought for Truth, Justice, and the American Way...
...in outer space, as seen in the second (of three) tales from Speed Carter: SpaceMan #1 (1953)!
Y'know, this series has "video game franchise" written all over it!
Written by Hank Chapman, illustrated by Joe Maneely, who managed to jam what, today, would be a multi-issue 100-page-plus series into only five pages...and make it work!

Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday Fun / Humor in a Jugular Vein CRAZY "Zombie!!"

As All Hallows Eve (Halloween to you under-60s) approaches...
...I'm in a "shambling undead" mood, so here's a never-reprinted, tawdry tale about...you know...

For the record, we ran "Wolf Man" last week!

Veteran writer/artist Bill Everett seemed to enjoy going from his usual realistic style to a much more-detailed variation of Bill Elder's work on EC's MAD and Panic, as this story from Atlas' Crazy V1N4 (1954) displays.

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