Saturday, June 17, 2017

Upcoming 2017 RetroBlogs Summer Mini-Blogathons

This summer, each RetroBlog will be presenting a different mini-Blogathon, with some crossing-over between blogs...
The biggest Blogathon will be the complete presentation of what many consider to be the first true graphic novel... the 132-page St John's digest-sized b/w one-shot It Rhymes with Lust by writers Arnold Drake and Leslie Waller and illustrator Matt Baker!
This is so cross-genre, it'll be appearing in Seduction of the Innocent, Crime & Punishment, True Love Comics Tales, Heroines, here in Atomic Kommie Comics, and in our newest RetroBlog; Not Safe for Work Comics!
Hero Histories will present two of the never-reprinted adventures of the Silver Age Plastic Man...his (sorta) origin
and his team-up with Daddy (the Golden Age Plas) and sidekick Woozy Winks!
(BTW, the gorilla doesn't appear anywhere in the issue!)

Western Comics Adventures will be spotlighting the never-reprinted adventures of a band of diverse wanderers united by tragedy known as The Bravados!

How the Comics Code altered reprints in sometimes ridiculous ways is the basis of the blogathon at Seduction of the Innocent!
Before the Comics Code...
After the Comics Code...

War: Past, Present and Future covers the short-lived series Lone Tiger...
..and its' companion strip Dollar Bill Ca$h!
And Secret Sanctum of Captain Video looks at the never-reprinted adventures of Captain Justice...based on the lost TV series Once a Hero...
...along with the secret Stan Lee connection that links the two!
The fun begins after the 4th of July, so come back here where we'll link to the various blogathons!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Fun BIG APPLE COMIX "Man Without a City!"

To a New Yorker, there's no fate more frightening...
...than to be forever exiled from the Big Apple!
I speak from first-hand experience.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, I went to high school in Manhattan and lived there after graduating college until 1999, when I began commuting between NYC and Chicago, eventually settling in Chi-town full-time in 2006.
Only taking occasional trips back to the Land of My Birth to see clients and family helps me keep my sanity!
Lord knows what condition I'd be in if I were exiled like the story's protaganist!
Written by Marvel's main production person for several decades, Stu Schwartzberg (who was also a Shazam Award-winning scripter of Crazy Magazine), penciled by Stu and the multi-talented Marie Severin and inked by Marie, this never-reprinted tale from Big Apple Comix #1 (1975) perfectly captures the "Noo Yawker" love-hate dichotomy!
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Reading Room STRANGE TALES OF THE UNUSUAL "Moving Stairs"

Finding a never-reprinted Steve Ditko tale is exciting...
...especially one with both an atypical illustration style and a Twilight Zone-type "gotcha" ending!
One of the reasons Stan Lee turned the Spider-Man assignment over to Ditko rather than Jack Kirby, was Ditko's knack for rendering individuals as less "idealized" and "heroic" and more "everyman" than Kirby.
Nowhere is that more evident than this never-reprinted story from Atlas' Strange Tales of the Unusual #4 (1956).
The people are more detailed and exaggerated than usual, almost to the point of caricature, but it works in context.
Though the writer is unknown, it's likely editor Stan Lee or his brother, Larry Lieber.

And, to answer an obvious question, no, the book is not Strange Tales, which ended up introducing both Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts and Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
Strange Tales began in 1951 and ran for 168 issues until 1968 when it became Doctor Strange.
Strange Tales of the Unusual began in 1955 and was cancelled in 1957 after only 11 issues.
Note for the completists among you: Strange Tales was revived in 1973, continuing from #169 onward for another 20 issues...
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...which features nothing but kool Steve Ditko art!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Adam West's Long-Lost FIRST Appearance in Comic Books!

Five years before the late Adam West played comic book character Batman on TV...
...he appeared in a comic book based on a TV show!
His character, Detective Sgt Steve Nelson was added in 1961 to the cast for the third and final season of the police procedural The Detectives, which already featured a pair of actors who would go on to other genre shows during the 1960s...Mark Goddard on Lost in Space and Tige Andrews on The Mod Squad!
See the first, never-reprinted rendering of Adam West in comic books on our "brother" RetroBlog Secret Sanctum of Captain Video...HERE!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I love alien invasion stories...
...but, no matter how well humans prepare or how lucky we Earthlings are, not all of them have a happy ending.
E.T. the Extraterrestrial had come out over a year earlier, creating a new genre of "cute/cuddly/harmless alien visitors" that made unwary humans complacent.
Writer/artist Darren Auck's never-reprinted cautionary tale from Pacific's Vanguard Illustrated #2 (1984) was one of several rather...visceral...responses to it.
BTW, Darren Auck is best known as a humor artist, writing and illustrating a number of tales for Marvel's What the--? (a humorous version of What if...?) and Ren & Stimpy!
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Monday, June 12, 2017

Reading Room UNUSUAL TALES "Way Out, Man"

You'd think Dr Strange's creator Steve Ditko would be a bit more sympathetic to the counter-culture...
...but when you consider he was already 34 in 1961 when he drew this tale from Charlton's Unusual Tales #29, you might wonder which side of the Generation Gap he really was on!
Remember that, when Ditko was doing the Dr Strange series in Strange Tales, he was turing 40!
This article from England's The Telegraph delves into the fascinating dichotomy between the artist and what his work portrayed.
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Art of Ditko
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Adam West (1928-2017)

This is a post I hoped I'd never write...
Batman is dead.
Actually, Adam West, the actor who personified the character for a generation of fans (and many since) has passed away.
Many will discuss his portrayal of the Caped Crusader, but, I'd like you fans to see a project that, had it sold, could've gotten him back to the level of William Shatner in terms of overcoming the heroic stereotyping and re-establishing him as a full-time working performer.
Lookwell, created and written by Robert Smigel and Conan O'Brien in 1991.
Forgive me, but my eyes are too clouded with tears to continue...