Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fantastic Femmes--Nikki Reed

It's hard to follow up a critically-acclaimed movie you both co-wrote and starred in (especially when it's your debut film), but Nicole Houston Reed managed to do so after the success of Thirteen (opposite fellow Fantastic Femme Vanessa Hudgens)!
Better known as "Nikki Reed", the talented lady has received rave notices for playing quirky characters in smaller, intimate films like American Gun and Mini's First Time.
Genre appearances include...
Reaper [unaired version of the Pilot] (Andi)
Check out...
NikkiReedFan (FanSite)
N-ReedDotOrg (FanSite)

Other actresses to play Andi include Missy Peregrym (Reaper the series)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Have a LOST Season Premiere party!

Mysteries aplenty await you on February 2, 2010, as you gather around the tv to watch the season premiere of the FINAL season of ABC's LOST!
Among them...
Will the LOSTies be reunited?
If so, WHEN? (In what time period?)
Who lives? Who dies? (Does it really matter on The Island?)

If you're like us, you're gonna gather together to watch the show.
And, like us, you're gonna make it a theme party!

Here's some decor and party favor ideas...coincidentally, all available from us!  ;-)

TO begin with, send out classy invites...
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Mystery Tales Logo notecards w/envelopes (20 pack)

Then, stock up on drinkware and coasters...
Mystery Tales #40 mug
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Mystery Tales #40 tile coaster
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Mystery Tales #40 rubber coaster
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Decorations to set the mood...
Mystery Tales #40 wall clock
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Mystery Tales #40 refrigerator magnetMystery Tales Logo refrigerator magnet
Mystery Tales #40 9.5" x 14" mini-poster
Mystery Tales #40 throw pillow case
Mystery Tales #40 decorative porcelain plate
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How about mini-buttons as party favors?
Mystery Tales #40 mini-buttons (10 pack)
Mystery Tales Logo mini-buttons (10 pack)
Mystery Tales #40 mini-buttons (100 pack)
Mystery Tales Logo mini-buttons (100 pack)

If you do a trivia contest, how about giving the winner a Mystery Tales #40 keychain or a Mystery Tales Logo keychain or a Mystery Tales Logo Cap or Mystery Tales Logo Trucker Hat?

Visit our Mystery Tales #40 stores for the complete line of kool kollectibles!
Mystery Tales #40 CafePress Store
Mystery Tales Logo CafePress Store
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fantastic Femmes--Estella Warren

Best-known as a swimsuit (Sports Illustrated) and lingere model (Victoria's Secret), former Olympic swimmer Estella Warren has demonstrated a natural acting talent as well as an ability for doing all but the most demanding stunts!
Genre appearances include...
Ghost Whisperer (Alexis Fogarty)
Planet of the Apes [2001] (Daena)

Check out...
Estella Warren Info (FanSite)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The NEW Green Hornet series by Kevin Smith

Here's a look at art from the NEW Green Hornet mini-series from Dynamite Comics.

You'll note that Kato is a woman, like the NOW Comics multi-generational series of the 80s.
This is not to say that it is the same character with same backstory.
No doubt, it is a totally different character.
The new mini is based on the unproduced screenplay for the proposed Kevin Smith written-directed film from several years ago.
Interesting note: the promos for the project emphasize that the story and art for the are completed.
This is due to Smith's tendency to take on comics projects and then delay them interminably, if not complete them at all. (To his credit, Smith has gotten better at meeting deadlines.)
The interor art is by Johnathan Lau who's already done some impressive work for other Dynamite titles.
And, Dynamite is pushing hard on this high-profile title, making a variant of issue #1 their contribution to Free Comic Book Day 2010 !
I'm looking forward to it...I hope you are, too!

And, in case you've forgotten, we offer some kool kollectibles featuring the tv version of the heroes, with more goodies with imagery from the Golden Age comics and 1940s movie serials to come, just in time for the new comics and feature film!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fantastic Femmes--Mary Lou Retton

OK, maybe not the most obvious Fantastic Femme, but Mary Lou Retton does have genre credits, even if it is as herself!
Genre credits include...
Scrooged (as herself playing Tiny Tim in a live tv production of A Christmas Carol)

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Blank SketchBooks WERE $ ONLY $9.99!

Due to overwhelming response over the Christmas season, we've decided to reduce the price of our blank sketchbooks in every genre from $14.99 to ONLY $9.99!
They're great gifts for artists, writers, or pop culture collectors!
And now, they're an even better value!

So, ALL the sketchbooks / journals / logs are now reduced by 1/3!
Who says Atomic Kommie Comics™ doesn't give you bang for your buck?