Friday, January 30, 2009

The ORIGINAL Miss LonelyHearts Columnist: Dear Beatrice Fairfax...

Comic books aren't just about spandex-clad heroes and heroines in battles of cosmic import!
They also tell intimate tales of heartbreak & joy, betrayal & redemption, and misery & true love.
God knows we at Atomic Kommie Comics™ can relate...

On that note, here are kool, retro, romantic, Valentine's Day kollectibles featuring Beatrice Fairfax!
Before Dear Abby, before Ann Landers, she was the original Miss Lonely Hearts, dispensing sage advice in her newspaper column long before the Internet.
Let her help you express your true feelings on the Most Important of Days--Valentines Day with greeting cards, teddy bears, mugs, and even "naughty" undies!

And, if she can't assist your love-life, perhaps something from one of our other sections at True Love Comics Tales™ including...
All You Need is Love...
Diaries & Letters
Lovers Lane
School of Love (or is that Love in School?)
WarTime Love
Western Love
can help you get your point across!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

War is Hell--and so is Love!

We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ know that the path of true love is not always smooth, especially in wartime.
In tribute to the brave men and women of the armed forces, we've created a new section of True Love Comics Tales™ featuring military-oriented romance comic books entitled WarTime Love™ just in time for Valentine's Day featuring greeting cards, teddy bears, clothing and a host of other goodies with vintage retro romance comic cover art.
Show your beloved, whether they're an officer, noncom, or GI Joe (or GI Jane), that you're thinking of them on Valentine's Day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The ORIGINAL Female Street Fighter!

Before Chun-Li, Cammy, and the rest hit the video arcades in 1987, there was Li Koryu, aka Tina Long, the Sister Street Fighter!
We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ are proud to return her to action as part of our Pop Art Martial Arts™ collection, along with the original Street Fighter who thrilled grindhouse audiences, and several other martial arts classics, including Five Fingers of Death, and Infra-Man on kool kollectibles ranging from t-shirts to mugs to messenger bags!
(BTW, you'll note that the SSF poster art is by comic book legend Neal Adams [X-Men, Batman, Green Lantern / Green Arrow]!)

Note: A protege of Sonny Chiba and member of his Japan Action Club stunt team, Sue Shiomi aka Etsuko Shihomi, starred in a number of genre films in the 1970s including four Sister Street Fighter films as well as all three of the original Street Fighter series starring Chiba!
We'll be covering her in an installment of Fantastic Femmes this week...