Saturday, February 13, 2016

On Valentines Day, Check Out...

"Romance comics?
Why would I read those?"
How about to read never-reprinted work by comics legends...
...John Buscema?
...Wally Wood?
...or Dan DeCarlo doing sci-fi!
(To be accurate, the Dan DeCarlo story has been reprinted in a fantastic [though limited-run] hardcover!)
Want to see more?

Friday, February 12, 2016


These guys are smiling right now...
...but not for long, as we reach the apocalyptic series finale (yes, finale)!
The energy-based aliens known as "Frogs" make their move against Earth, using traitors from within to disable Space Command!
It's all-out war, and you, space cadets have a ringside seat!
Note: We've tried to embed the English subtitles, but if they don't come up automatically, go to the "gear" icon on the lower right of the video screen, and set them manually.)
We'll be back next week with a detailed look at some of the unique aspects of the series.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "If...!"

Ever think men and women are from different worlds?
Our pre-Valentines Day offering proves you right!
Writer Carl Wessler had already used the basic plot for this story twice before:
  1. "If!" in Atlas' Suspense #27 (1953), with the girl and her family being werewolves and vampires (talk about a blended family)! BTW, you can read that version of the tale HERE!
  2. "Out Cold" in EC's Haunt of Fear #25 (1954), with the girl and family shown to be ghouls!
But, by the time this never-reprinted story in Atlas' World of Fantasy #2 (1956) was published, the Comics Code had been implemented, banning "creatures of the night".
So Wessler went with aliens.
Sci-fi was experiencing a resurgence, so it was the logical way to go.
The illustrator was Jay Scott Pike who ended up specializing in romance comics.
You can see some of his work on our "sister" blog True Love Comics Tales.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "It Stands in the Snow"

We've presented abominable snowman stories before...
...but none that ends like this one!
We guarantee it!
OK, did you follow the surprise ending?
Admittedly, it's a little difficult due to the final panel being drawn sideways.
Let's run the final panel the way it should be shown...
Now that works!
Was this never-reprinted tale from Atlas' World of Fantasy #2 (1956) a four-pager that was re-worked into three pages?
Only artist (and Atlas/Marvel production whiz) Sol Brodsky and the unknown writer knew...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "When Will They Come?"

At one time or another, we all think we don't fit in and don't belong where we are...
...perhaps we're more like our nameless protagonist than we think!
This never-reprinted tale from Atlas' World of Fantasy #1 (1956) certainly offers an original excuse for breaking up with someone!
"I discovered I was an alien left behind on Earth, but now my people have come back for me so I can't see you any more."
While the writer is unknown, the artist is Robert "Bob" Bean, who's had an interesting career.
After illustrating stories and covers in almost every genre for numerous publishers including Atlas, Avon, St John, Charlton, Toby, and Lev Gleason, he left comics in the late 1950s and helped found Wylde Films, an industrial movie studio and is currently has also producing and directing cartooning correspondence course videos for Joe Kubert's World of Cartooning.

Monday, February 8, 2016


...actually, we haven't seen this, since it's an unused pencil page by Jack (King) Kirby from the sequence you're about to read.
Galactus' creation, Ardina, attempts to sway the Silver Surfer from defending Earth (and humanity) against the Planet Devourer.
But, if anything, she strengthens his resolve and he attempts to break through the barrier Galactus has placed around Earth to once more do battle with the towering alien!
However, the force field is too strong, and the Skyrider of the Spaceways plummets, drained, back to the planet's surface...
Who has saved the Surfer...and why?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine's Day Comic Book Cover Greeting Cards

For our final Valentine's Day-themed post for 2016, here's a link to a one-stop storefront for all your retro comic book cover greeting card needs!
The interiors are blank for you to add your own thoughts, inspired by the covers.
Yes, this art's by Marvel legend John Buscema!