Saturday, April 1, 2017

Holiday Reading Room EASTER WITH MOTHER GOOSE "Inside an Easter Egg"

Sometimes Walt (Pogo) Kelly did single page shorts...
...sometimes he combined several unrelated short pieces into a theme, like what a bunny sees inside an Easter Egg! this never-reprinted piece from Dell's Four Color Comics: Easter with Mother Goose #103 (1946) demonstrates!
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Friday, March 31, 2017

Reading Room OUT OF THIS WORLD "The World Awaits"

You know Steve Ditko as the co-creator of The Amazing Spider-Man...
...but he was equally-adept at visualizing insects as well as arachnids!
This lovely Ditko-rendered story from Charlton's Out of This World #12 (1959) would really have benefited from some Stan Lee-esque scripting rather than Joe Gill's stilted prose, which renders the ending rather...dull.
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Thursday, March 30, 2017


"What if Superman had been an Earthman marooned on another world..."
...and what if he lost his memory?"
On a koolness scale from 1-10, this tale rates an "11".
Unfortunately, there was never a sequel to this tale from Harvey's Unearthly Spectaculars #2 (1966), so we'll never know if EarthMan got his memory back or not!
Written, penciled, and inked by Wally Wood, who apparently had some interesting variations on the theme planned, but never had the opportunity to carry them out.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Reading Room KING OF FUTURIA "The Wall Comes Tumbling Down!"

...the tale itself provides the synopsis for this Buck Rogers-esque saga of a 20th Century American in a post-apocalyptic future!
Damn, we 20th Century Americans were good at this save-the-world stuff!
The parallels with Buck Rogers become more apparent in this tale from Nedor's Mystery Comics #2 (1944), including a traitorous Earthman (Karlak) working with aliens, outnumbered and ill-equipped free humans, and a bad guy (Karlak again) who keeps surviving his apparent we shall see next time!
BTW, sadly, nobody can identify the writer and/or artist of the strip.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Reading Room AMAZING ADULT FANTASY "Ultimate Weapon"

Who, in 1962, could believe that we'd still be on the brink of nuclear 1970?
Stan Lee and Steve Ditko thought so...and offered a potential solution...
Would the solution proposed in Atlas' Amazing Adult Fantasy #13 (1962) work in reality?
North Korea doesn't have anything that can reach geostationary orbit (22,236 miles).
Iran has no nukes.
Russia and China both have the capability, but would they try to use it?
Think about it...
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Monday, March 27, 2017


Here's a never-reprinted bio of the President that Donnie Milhous Trump only dreams of being...
...illustrated by the one-and-only John Buscema!
Let's start with the fact Jackson was a decorated war hero, while Trump was a draft dodger.
Feel free to continue the comparisons (which go even further apart) from there...
Taken from Dell's Life Stories of American Presidents (1957) one-shot which covered every Chief Executive from George Washington to Dwight D Eisenhower, this is a brief and accurate look at "old Hickory", as he was known.
Regrettably, the writer is unknown.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

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