Saturday, November 4, 2017

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Fun "Whatever happened to Carmelita Rodriguez?"

The innocent victim of Dracula vs Zorro reappeared in Topps' Zorro #9 (1994)...

...but writer Don McGregor's plans for her future apperances were disrupted by the book's cancellation two issues later!
However, a Zorro spin-off title, Lady Rawhide, kept going as a line of mini-series, and Carmelita became one of the protaganists of the 1996-97 mini-series Other People's Blood...
...first as a victim requiring rescue by the heroine...
...then as the one who rescues the heroine...
...though that's not readily apparent by the cover art!
Sadly, this is as much of this reprinted (in 1999) tale I'm going to re-present, but you can order it below...
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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Reading Room STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES "One Last Chance"

A never-reprinted, Ditko-rendered, Silver Age tale... our post-Halloween treat (no trick) to our loyal fans!
I rather like the idea that the protaganists will never know if they succeeded in saving the future, or inadvertently destroyed it!
Charlton's Strange Suspense Stories V3#2 (1968) was written entirely by Steve Skeates, though the stories in the anthology were illustrated by different artists.
Apparently editor Dick Giordano had planned to allow a single writer to carry each issue, with Denny O'Neil handling all the chores on the first issue and Skeates scripting the second.
Giordano's departure to DC scuttled the concept, and from the third issue onward, a variety of writers would fill the pages.
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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Reading Room SPACE SQUADRON "Blast Revere: Solo to the Moon!"

Set in the then-distant year 2000, Space Squadron also had an ongoing strip set in the "past"...
...1960 (which was still "the future" in 1951)!
As shown in many military-themed strips, most overly-cautious senior officers were brain-dead maniacs when they were just cadets.
This never-reprinted tale from Atlas' Space Squadron #2 (1951) just transposed it to the near future!
Neither the writer nor artist are known.
Blast Revere ran in all six issues of Space Squadron. and it's one-issue "sequel", Space Worlds.
When Speed Carter: SpaceMan came along a couple of years later, series writer/co-creator Hank Chapman ignored everything done in Space Squadron, producing stories that often contradicted "future history" established in the earlier series.
See the other Captain Jet Dixon of the Space Squadron tales we've presented HERE!
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by Isaac Asimov
(under the pen-name "Paul French")
Omnibus of ALL Six Space-Opera Sagas!
David Starr: Space Ranger, Pirates of the Asteroids, Oceans of Venus, Big Sun of Mercury, Moons of Jupiter, Rings of Saturn

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Holiday Reading Room JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY "House!"

Here's a Halloween treat... last haunted house tale to wrap up our Holiday Reading Room series!
And a never-reprinted one at that!
In 1971, the Comics Code loosened restrictions on many of the banned horror comics tropes that caused the "Seduction of the Innocent" witchhunt of the mid-1950s that almost destroyed the comics industry.
Vampires, werewolves, maniac killers, and their ilk, limited to b/w magazines for the last couple of decades, returned to four-color comics...along with adaptations of classic horror stories and new tales by enthusiastic writers and artists who were big EC Comics fans and never thought they'd have a chance to create similar color comics again!
Marvel jumped back into the horror comic business with a slew of new titles like Tomb of Dracula, Monster of Frankenstein,  Marvel Spotlight, which featured Werewolf by Night, Ghost Rider, and Son of Satan, all of whom got their own books,  Man-Thing in Advenutres into Fear and then his own title, a revival of Strange Tales with The Golem, and Brother Voodoo, and a trio of anthologies, Chamber of Chills (a title used by Harvey Comics in the 1950s), Supernatural Thrillers, and a revival of Journey into Mystery!
Quite a bit of the new material from these anthologies (all of which went reprint in a year or so) has never been reprinted, so when we searched through the archives for rare haunted house-themed stories, this long-unseen tale from Marvel's Journey into Mystery V2#1 (1972) all but jumped up at us!
Enjoy this 45-year old bit of long-lost comics history!
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