Saturday, November 12, 2011

Metropolis: the Moroder Version on DVD/BluRay

While in the past decade there have been two superb reconstructions of the Fritz Lang masterpiece Metropolis (both well worth viewing or owning), the long OOP 1984 reworking by Giorgio Moroder has held a soft spot in many peoples' hearts (including mine) for his valiant pre-cgi attempt at reconstruction using the best existing print along with stills of expurgated scenes following the novelization written by the movie's screenwriter, Thea Von Harbou (Lang's wife).
Purists screamed about Moroder's use of subtitles instead of intertitles, animation to enhance the stills, color tinting of various segments, and a rock-based music score.
But the "enhanced" version didn't change any of the original story (unlike certain recently-"enhanced" movies [cough] Star Wars [cough]), the subtitles reduced running time by presenting information on-screen during key sequences instead of interrupting them, and the limited animation livened scenes using stills to restore previously-lost plot elements.
The use of color and the rock score are really matters of taste.

At any rate, the Moroder version is finally receiving a dvd/BluRay release this coming week.
Good thing as my VHS of it is wearing out!  ;-)

If you're a fan of Metropolis, rent or buy it as a fascinating "alternate" look at Lang's masterpiece.

Friday, November 11, 2011

With Respect on Veterans Day 2011

A sincere Thank You, men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present, for your dedication and sacrifice.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Man Who Personifies Christmas...

Trash the Tree!
Mangle the Mistletoe!
Exterminate the EggNog!
It's 2011!
And only ONE MAN can show us the True Way to Financial Salvation!
Charles Dickens' immortal hero is back to lead us thru these dark times!
Only Atomic Kommie Comics™ could offer you so many different bargain-priced ways to show how you appreciate Him!
We offer almost two dozen designs including...
Several from the very 1st Edition of A Christmas Carol!
Several from the A Christmas Carol illustrated by legendary fantasy artist Arthur Rackham!
A trio from A Christmas Carol the 1951 movie with Alastair Sim as the definitive screen Scrooge!
PLUS: several other Scrooge and Christmas Carol designs including a "Bah, Humbug!" in classic Victorian-era lettering!
What better way to show what Christmas 2011 means to us all?
Choose from our reasonably-priced Clothing, Collectibles (including 10 or 20 packs of greeting cards /  Christmas cards!) or Aprons & Stockings to proclaim to the world your loyalty to Him!
Give the gift that keeps on giving, even if you, personally, don't!
And "Bah, Humbug!" to all this Holiday Season!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reading Room: GREEN PLANET "Empty Earth"

Yesterday, it was a "Little Earth", today it's.. this never-reprinted tale from the one-shot Green Planet, published by Charlton Comics in 1962.
The story's author and penciler are unknown, but the inking is obviously Vince Colletta (who might have penciled it).
Green Planet was a very odd comic...
1) The title story was actually an adaptation of a then-current sci-fi novel by J Hunter Holly, but, oddly, there's no mention of that fact anywhere in the comic!
2) There's no numbering on the comic (it's indicia lists it as a quarterly book) and no copyright notice listing either Charlton or novel author Holly!
But the main tale is pretty good, if a tad cliched, as you'll see when we re-present it next week!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reading Room: BLAST-OFF "Little Earth"

A classic example of an unheralded gem by two graphic-story masters...
...that has been reprinted only once, and in a limited-edition trade paperback, so most of you have never seen it!
Oddly, the CGD lists it as penciled by Reed Crandall and inked by Al Williamson, but Teddy I at pencilink.blogspot reverses the credits!
The writer is unknown.
According to the Kirby Museum, it was intended for the never-published Race for the Moon #5 in 1958, but remained unused until 1965, when it was published in the one-shot Blast-Off!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Elves On Strike!

You think the economic situation is bad now?
Go back 73 years ago, to November 1938 and see...when elves were part of the 99%!
(You'll note that the cover is dated January, 1939. But it was actually on sale in November, 1938! Publishers used to cover-date comics and pulps two to three months ahead of the actual on-sale date to keep the books on the stands for as long as possible!)
Thus do we at Atomic Kommie Comics™ present another retro-styled collectible for your Christmas gift-giving consideration, and offer you a bit of media history at the same time!
In this case, we proudly present one of our Christmas in the Comics line from our Cool Christmas collection: nine different digitally-remastered comic covers featuring classic characters celebrating Christmas, including The Green Lama, SuperSnipe, Edison Bell: Boy Inventor, and The Lone Ranger, as well as two long-out-of-print versions of The Big Man, Santa, himself!
Available on a multitude of memorabilia including greeting cards (with FREE personalized messages on ANY 10 or 20 card sets), mugs, hoodies, and other goodies, these pop-art collectibles are NOT available in any brick-and-mortar stores, only on-line thru us!
And don't forget our Santa Claus--the Man Himself, A Christmas Carol starring Scrooge, the Hardly-Abominable SnowMan, and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians lines!
There's something for everyone under the tree at
Atomic Kommie Comics™!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Design of the Week--WereWolf & Vampire

Each week, we post a limited-edition design, to be sold for exactly 7 days, then replaced with another!
This week...Whether you're a member of Team Edward, Team Jacob, or swing both ways (some people do, nothing wrong with that), you can't go wrong with this vintage design featuring the classic look for both werewolves and vampires!
Perfect for wearing to Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 or watching horror movies at home!
Available in both adult and kid sizes on t-shirts and sweats/hoodies, as well as mugs, bags and other kool kollectibles!
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But do it quickly!
Next Sunday, the Design of the Week mutates into...God only knows what!