Saturday, October 17, 2020

Space Force Saturdays SPACE SQUADRON "Star Smasher"

Do you remember how, in 1952, we sent men into space in flying saucers?
You don't?
But, it's ancient history, as this tale from the year 2000 reveals in flashback...
Ah, the days when we actually believed in "American Exceptionalism"...
This story from Atlas' Space Squadron #1 (1951) was illustrated by George Tuska who later became the final artist on the original Buck Rogers comic strip (1959-67) and then assumed the art duties for almost a decade on Marvel's Invincible Iron Man!
The writer is unknown, but the scripting is clearly more simplistic and juvenile-oriented than the relatively more-sophisticated Speed Carter series written by Hank Chapman two years later.
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Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Fun / Humor in a Jugular Vein CRAZY "Wolf Man"

 It isn't Halloween...yet...but it's gonna be "trick-or-treat" for... this never-reprinted story from Atlas' Crazy #5 (1954)
Dick Ayers rendered this tale in a style quite dissimilar from his usual Western or horror material.
The writer, though, is unknown, but may be Stan Lee, who was the editor of the line, and wrote quite a lot of the stories...
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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Reading Room / Halloween Horror ADVENTURES INTO THE UNKNOWN "Civic Spirit"

Some of the tales of this year's Presidential campaign are so unbelievable...'d think they were taken from a comic book!
Written by Richard Hughes, penciled by Bob Lubbers, and inked by John Celardo, this tale of ghosts, graft, and government appeared in ACG's Adventures into the Unknown #10 (1950).
If only we could use such supernatural solutions to remove real-life grifters from local, state, and federal office...
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Adventures into the Unknown Archives
Volume 1

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder LOST WORLD "CounterAttack by Cinema!"

When Last We Left the Only Remaining Freedom Fighters on Earth..., that's colorful prose indeed!
I have nothing to add, so let's go...
The VoltaMen aren't gone...not by a long shot!
BTW, in 1952, after this tale from Fiction House's Planet Comics #26 (1943) was published, but centuries earlier than the strip's time period, the highly-flammable nitrate and cellulose film stock used by movie studios that are a vital plot point was replaced by acetate stock, aka "safety film".
This far more durable material was first used in currently-filming projects, then when new prints of older films were struck for TV and second-run theatrical distribution.
Of course, writer "Thornecliffe Herrick" and artist Graham Ingels had no way of knowing that at the time...
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(which reprints this tale)

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Reading Room / Halloween Horror MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN COMICS "Premonition of Death!"

Some things just can't be explained by current science...
...but that doesn't make them any less real!
Is this a lost "Kirby Klassic" from the 1950s?
When Prize Comics' Monster of Frankenstein title was revived during the horror comic boom of the early 1950s, besides a wonderfully-gruesome version of Dick Briefer's previously-humorous Monster, it featured a number of two to four page "fillers".
Most of these tales appear to be, at the very least, laid-out by Jack Kirby.
This never-reprinted story from V3N3 (1954) is a prime example.
The Grand Comics Database lists the story's illustrator as Marvin Stein, who worked primarily for the Simon & Kirby studio, so this most likely was an S&K "inventory" story laid-out by Kirby and meant for insertion wherever editorial page count came up short.
Sadly, the writer of the story is, as in so many cases, unknown...
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Monday, October 12, 2020

Monday Madness / Halloween Horror THE SPECTRE "Shadow Show"

Once More We Delve into the Spectre's Journal of Judgement... see a spooky tale about just desserts not seen (in color) since 1969!!
Though, as shown HERE, The Spectre was supposed to act as a judge, he was not to act as an executioner, he apparently does so in this tale from DC's The Spectre #9 (1969), written by DC's librarian, historian, and unofficial "continuity cop", Mark Hanerfeld, and illustrated by Jack Sparling!
You'd think a continuity expert would've known that...

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The Spectre
(which reprints this tale...but in black-and-white!)

Sunday, October 11, 2020

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