Saturday, May 14, 2016

For the Guys in the Foxhole...

After seeing Ken Burns' The War, several years go, we at Atomic Kommie Comics™ thought of doing something in the same vein, showing the gritty, dramatic, truth in honest, non-romanticised terms. Not like Sgt. Fury or Our Army at War, but something that would pay respect to the dogfaces and leathernecks who actually won the war!
Thus, we came up with... our World War II line , classic comic images drawn by veterans, for veterans, history and WWII buffs, or anyone who admires the men and women who put their lives on the line to stop true evil from conquering the world, not because they wanted to, but because they had to!
We digitally-restored and remastered them on a line of kool kollectibles which would make perfect Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, or 4th of July gifts for the WWII veteran in your life.
Choose from t-shirts, mugs, magnets, BBQ aprons, and many other goodies.
What cooler way to say "thank you" to the guys or gals of the "Greatest Generation" for what they did for the world?
(And have a look at the other collectibles we offer at War: Past, Present & Future™ while you're at it!)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Reading Room TALOS OF THE WILDERNESS SEA " the Wilderness Sea!" Conclusion

...taken from his beastfolk parents when he was a newborn, Carn is raised by a royal family who weren't aware of his non-human heritage.
(He was secretly swapped for their stillborn child by the midwife.)
While exploring by himself, the now-teenage Carn is attacked by a pack of wolves, but he instinctively communicates mentally with a giant white cat who saves him, then brings him to a nearby beastfolk village whose priestess is...his true mother!
Riding high on the success of the Sword of the Atom mini-series and follow-up annuals which re-imagined the hard sci-fi character in a barbarian adventure setting, Gil Kane (along with collaborator Jan Strnad) was given the go-ahead for another high-adventure series, this time based on a new character.
Planned as a 12-issue mini-series, cutbacks at DC dictated that the already-penciled and scripted first two issues be combined into a one-shot whose sales would determine if the project would continue.
Unfortunately, the unfamiliar character didn't attract a large enough audience (as The Atom had), and only the single, open-ended issue came about.

Here's a Friday the 13th bonus!
The text feature about the project and its' creators!
We hope you've enjoyed this never-reprinted book from 1987.
Keep an eye on this blog as we present more of these long-lost stories!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reading Room SPACE ADVENTURES "It's a Small World..."

Behind this kool Jim Aparo cover... an equally-kool Steve Ditko-illustrated tale!
BTW, neither has seen the light of day since their intitial publication in Charlton's Space Adventures V2N8 (1969).
Now that's a weird, out-of-left field, ending in a wild tale probably written by Charlton mainstay Joe Gill.
BONUS: the original art for the cover...
Be here tomorrow for MORE of Gil Kane's Talos of the Wilderness Sea!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reading Room: SPACE CLUSTERS Part 3

Pursuing criminal Ethan Dayak, Lieutenant Kara Basuto of the Terran Interplanetary Corps follows him from star system to star system, always one step behind him.
Due to the huge distances, both of them go into suspended animation during the trips between planetfalls.
But the more time they spend in hibernation, the more their minds and bodies begin to alter...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "Xom! The Menace from Outer Space!"

Behind this kool, never-reprinted Jack Kirby/Christopher Rule cover...
...lurks an equally-cool (but visually-different) never-reprinted tale!
Plotted by Stan Lee, scripted by Larry Lieber, and penciled/inked by Joe Sinnott, this cover-featured tale from Atlas' World of Fantasy #18 (1959) was a combination of the "giant monster with weird name" and Twilight Zone "switch ending" tropes Lee was so fond of.
You'll note the "monster" is rendered pretty much the same on both the cover and insides, while the Earthmen and aliens are vastly-different!
I'm not certain which was done first, but the difference between the Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers renderings by Sinnott and the...well...Kirbyesque versions on the cover are striking!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Reading Room CAPTAIN JOHNER AND THE ALIENS "Matter of Judgement"

With half his crew on an alien ship and half the alien crew on his, Johner heads home to Earth...
Written by Eric Freiwald & Robert Schaefer and illustrated by Russ Manning, this morality tale from Gold Key's Magnus, Robot Fighter #3 (1963) also sets up a potential menace in another group of aliens who are, in fact, hostile!
There's more space opera action to come, next week!