Saturday, July 8, 2017

Reading Room: 3 ROCKETEERS

No, not this Jack Kirby-created team...
..but another trio with a slightly-different take on living "la vida stellar"!
(St John's Atom-Age Combat V1N2 [1952])
(St John's Atom-Age Combat V1N3 [1952])
Illustrated (and probably written) by Vic Martin, these never-reprinted strips featuring Dr Gastro, Rhonda, and Torpo appeared in the otherwise deadly-serious title Atom-Age Combat, one of several comics of the early 1950s that featured a near-future USA involved in atomic warfare with this case, Asian (presumably Chinese) Communists!
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Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Fun BIG APPLE COMIX "Silent Majority"

I think it was Will Eisner who said...
If you can tell a tale without word balloons or captions, you've succeeded as a graphic storyteller!
Appropriately enough, this silent story from Big Apple Comix #1 (1975) is by Mike Ploog, who broke into comics assisting Eisner on P.S. Magazine! before becoming Marvel's primary "monster" artist doing Man-Thing, Monster of Frankenstein, Werewolf by Night, and Ghost Rider! during the Bronze Age.
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Reading Room ALIEN ENCOUNTERS "Monster of Planet Og!"

If you (like me) enjoy space opera, you'll love the tale behind this cover...
...which gives a new twist to the cliches!
Writer Christy Marx and artist Peter Ledger handle this never-reprinted story from Eclipse's Alien Encounters #2 (1985) like it's a 1940s comic written by an alien Edmond (Captain Future) Hamilton!
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "Beware the Future!"

Does a never-reprinted tale from the 1950s offer a clue as to how Donald Trump became President?
Judge for yourself...
This Stan Lee-plotted, Larry Lieber-scripted, Al Williamson-illustrated tale from Atlas' World of Fantasy #16 (1959) points out a uniquely-human foible...if we "know" things will be OK, we don't see the need to take action ourselves to make sure they do turn out OK...and things can go horribly-wrong as a result!
In 2016, many Bernie Saunders supporters, POed because Bernie wasn't nominated as the Democratic candidate figured they'd protest by staying home and not voting in the general election, believing there were still enough Dems and intelligent Repugs and Independents voting to assure Trump wouldn't get into the White House!
Didn't quite work out, did it?
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Holiday Reading Room EVERY DAY IS A HOLLY DAY "Independence Day"

From 1956, here's a never-reprinted tale from a unique comic...
...produced to promote, of all things, sugar!
Why is the Brevity, Inc comic entitled "Every Day is a Holly Day" instead of "Every Day is a Holiday"?
Because it was given away to kids by grocers who sold Holly Sugar!
Illustrated by John Rosenberger, it's a unique pamphlet covering a number of American holidays, including both Lincoln and Washington's Birthdays (before they were combined into "Presidents' Day"), Mothers' Day (though not Fathers' Day), Flag Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and a couple of holidays we've largely abandoned...Pan-American Day and American Indian Day!
We'll be presenting the other chapters on the dates they fall upon.
Watch for them!
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Holiday Reading Room NOT BRAND ECHH! "Original Origin of Charlie America!"

It's almost the 4th of July, so we thought we'd kick back and enjoy...
...this spoof of one of the most-retold origins of all ('cause we're really nice guys)!
Admittedly, this ain't exactly how they portrayed his origin in the recent movie.
But hey, this classic from Marvel's Not Brand Echh #3 (1967) is a lotta fun anyway!
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Marvel Masterworks
Not Brand Echh!

Sunday, July 2, 2017


With the 4th of July approaching, why not adopt the vintage look of one of the most patriotic superheroes of World War II...
...the Fighting Yank (now appearing in Project SuperPowers), by wearing his uniform shirt emblazoned with a 1940s period-accurate 48-star flag unfurling proudly on the chest (Remember, Hawaii and Alaska didn't become states until the late 1950s!) and a tiny official Lost Heroes logo on the back collar area (where it won't be seen under your cape!).
Available as a sweatshirt or long-sleeve t-shirt, depending on how much padding you feel you need to achieve the "heroic" look you want.
Tricorn hat and knickers not included.
But a sport jacket or denim jacket might go better with it...

And, we offer the usual assortment of other kool kollectibles like Mugs, Messenger Bags, Magnets, etc. with the unfurled Old Glory fluttering proudly...