Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reading Room: SPACE ACTION "Weird Threat of the Space Giants"

Let's end the week with some good 'ol sci-fi schlock...
...just think of it as a SyFy network Saturday night movie on paper!
This never-reprinted tale from Ace's Space Action #2 (1952) was illustrated by workhorse Bill Molno, but the writer's name as eluded our keen senses.
Lucky guy!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Stephen Colbert IS Tek Jansen: Space Hero!

Did you know new Late Show host Stephen Colbert is really...
...and that he had both a five-issue mini-series...
...and a number of animated cartoon episodes (with Colbert as the voice of Jansen)!
Hang tight, True Believers, 'cause we'll be posting some of the OOP (that's "out of print") adventures of everybody's (especially Stephen's) favorite space hero!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Horror...the Horror (comics, that is)!

Monster Crime!
Now that's a title!
Yeah, they knew what budding juvenile delinquents wanted back in the 1950s!
As you might have guessed, the upcoming Halloween holiday has inspired the Atomic Kommie Comics™ crew to add like mad to our Horror Comics of the 1950s™ section.
And, what titles did we add to our kool kollectibles kollection?
Besides the aforementioned Monster Crime, there's Tales of Horror, Horror from the Tomb (see a trend?), Beware! (with a fantastic Frank Frazetta cover!), and The Clutching Hand!
We already had The Hand of Fate, Horrific!, Weird Adventures, Baffling, Challenge of the Unknown, Terror Tales, Haunted, The Beyond, Weird Terror, Weird Mysteries, Weird, Diary of Horror, WitchCraft, and Eerie!
Plus collectibles with our ghoulishly-graphic, viscerally-vintage Horror Comics of the 1950s™ logo!
BTW: the Tote Bags featuring these designs would make GREAT trick-or-treat bags!
Be the envy of all the kids on your block this All Hallows Eve!