Friday, January 28, 2022

Frigid Friday Fun PLANET COMICS "Cosmo Corrigan: Exiled from Earth"

Like Buck RogersFlash Gordon and many other handsome space heroes...
...Cosmo Corrigan had a weird first name.
Unlike them, he was a bit of a screw-up and wise-ass... he was sent to the Solar System's equivalent of Siberia...the frozen planet Pluto, qualifying him for running as part of our new Frigid Friday Fun feature!
Planet Comics was noted for its...well...lack of scientific accuracy, being much more "science fantasy" than hard science fiction (which at least tried to apply known scientific facts to the storytelling).
But this series seems almost like a space opera sit-com, featuring a slacker as the hero!
Sadly, it only ran for three installments...which you'll see over the next few Fridays!
Illustrated by George Tuska (who would handle the Buck Rogers newspaper strip in the 1950s, as well as become Iron Man's illustrator when he received his own book in the 1960s) the scripter for this tale from Fiction House's Planet Comics #9 (1940) is, regrettably, unknown.
("Ray Alexander" was a Fiction House pseudonom.)
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  1. Boy, young Cosmo seems to have no problem clubbing, punching, kicking, & letting an alien freeze to death! What a guy!


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