Saturday, December 25, 2021

BARBIE "See You Later, Christmas Gator" Part 2: Special Delivery & Part 3: The Present

 ...on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus runs into trouble when he's forced down over Florida by a tropical storm!
Luckily, Barbie is nearby...
Normally, we'd run Part 3 next week, but the chapters are so short, we're going to present it now...

Written by Angelo DeCesare, penciled by Mario Capaldi, and inked by John Lucas, this never-reprinted tale from Marvel's Barbie #50 (1995) was typical of the kool flights of fancy the series specialized in.
Barbie, and its' sister title Barbie Fashion, were two secret success stories for Marvel in the 1990s.
Because they weren't superhero titles, the hardcore (mostly male) fans never even noticed them, but the two books ran an impressive 63 and 53 issues respectively at a time when many titles lasted 12 issues...or less!

Friday, December 24, 2021

Friday Fun/Monday Mars Madness SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS Conclusion (Plus BONUS)

It's Christmas Eve, so we're combining two ongoing features to give you a special treat!

In a desperate attempt to stimulate their lethargic and unmotivated children, the Martians decide to create a Christmas celebration on Mars.
But, the idea lacks one vital element...the real Santa Claus!
The benevolent Martian leader, Kimar, leads an expedition to Earth, where the aliens invade Santa's workshop at the North Pole.
Transporting Kris Kringle (and a couple of Earth kids they ran into) to the Red Planet, the Martians build a totally-automated factory to produce enough toys in time for Christmas.
But, the big green men are divided about Santa's presence on Mars is actually helping their offspring.
One dissident group, lead by Voldar, sabotages the factory and kidnaps who they think is Santa, but is actually Kimar's bumbling aide, Dropo in a spare Santa suit...
Now, as a special early Christmas present...
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians:
the Motion Picture!

(Actually the MST3K version condensed down to 10 minutes!)

BTW, for those expecting the conclusion to last Friday's Christmas adventure with Barbie, that will be here on Christmas Day!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Holiday Reading Room ELVIRA'S HAUNTED HOLIDAYS SPECIAL " 'Twas the Night before X-Mas..."

Here's a never-reprinted variation of the classic Clement Clarke Moore tale...
...that, despite being published over 30 years ago, seems as appropriate now as it was then!
Written and illustrated by Ed Hannigan, this downbeat story of slaughtered Santa finds us just as close to war as we were when DC's Elvira's Haunted Holidays Special #1 (1987) appeared!
But we can't let our fans be depressed just before Christmas!
So be here on Christmas Eve, when we present the conclusion to...
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder SPACE CLUSTERS Conclusion

Pursuing Ethan Dayak, a wanted criminal, Lieutenant Kara Basuto of the Terran Interplanetary Corps follows him from star system to star system, always one step behind him.
Due to the huge distances, both of them go into suspended animation during the trips between planetfalls.
But the more time they spend in hibernation, the more their minds and bodies begin to alter, until they are no longer human...but beings of pure energy...
Never reprinted, this 1986 graphic novel by sci-fi novelist Arthur Byron Cover and award-winning artist Alex Nino is one of many "lost" works from the 1960s onward that we take great pleasure presenting to you.
You'll see another one next week, but not in Wednesday Worlds of Wonder!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Bet You've NEVER Seen Santa Claus Like THIS...

Ah, the Silver Age of Comics!
When situations like the one portrayed above were the norm, rather than the exception.
From DC's Hot Wheels #6 (1970), the last issue of the first comic based on a TV series based on a toy line.
Ironically, it was the Christmas issue...

Long before He-Man, Micronauts, GI Joe and Transformers presented toys as animated action heroes, Hanna-Barbera's Hot Wheels animated series (based on the still-highly successful Mattel toys) featured a politically-correct team of teens battling evil while engaging in auto races in nifty cars (with their seat belts firmly buckled, of course)!
Yes, it sounds like Scooby Doo...but without the annoying talking dog...
To see this never-reprinted story, click HERE.

Monday, December 20, 2021


Actually, the robot doesn't speak!
In a desperate attempt to stimulate their lethargic and unmotivated children, the Martians decide to create a Christmas celebration on Mars.
But, the idea lacks one vital element...the real Santa Claus!
The Martian leader, Kimar, leads an expedition to Earth, where they find a pair of children who direct them to Santa's workshop at the North Pole.
The aliens and their robot invade the workshop, stun the elves and Mrs Claus, and depart, taking both Santa and the children with them...
Will Voldar realize his mistake?
And if so, will Droppo survive?
Will Santa get back to Earth in time for Christmas?
Be here on Christmas Eve for the answers to these and other questions in the thrilling conclusion!
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