Saturday, September 21, 2019

Countdown to Halloween 2019 Blogathon is Coming!

We're pleased to be included in the...
Starting October 1st, we'll be posting stuff once a week on five different RetroBlogs, so there'll be daily posts from us Monday thru Friday!
In addition, our own Monday Madness posts will be the never-seen-in-America Dracula humor strips from the original Spanish-language Dracula comic from 1971!
Note: the 12-issue magazine series was translated and reprinted in England, then the first 6 issues were packaged as a trade paperback by Warren (Creepy/Eerie/Vampirella) Publications!
But neither English-language version ran these one-pagers despite the fact the strip is wordless!
And our Friday Fun posts will be covers and pages from the never-reprinted humor magazines Monsters to Laugh With and Monster Madness, featuring scripting by the late, great Stan Lee!
We'll have links to the other blogs along with the schedule and details about each one's features...
Next Saturday!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Fun SPACE MOUSE "Land of the Giants!"

While the similarly-named 1960s-70s tv series had some "juvenile" (to put it politely) stories...
...they didn't even come close to being this silly!
So, the heroic Space Mouse just wanted to go somewhere and "make out" with his girlfriend?
Creator/writer/artist Frank Carin might want to reconsider the example this tale from Avon's Peter Rabbit #30 (1955-56) set for impressionable young children of the 1950s!
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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Reading Room LARS OF MARS "EarthShaker!"

It's time for another adventure with the Martian posing as an actor playing a Martian on TV... a story of world-shaking (literally) menace!
Lars was co-created by writer Jerry Siegel and illustrator Murphy Anderson, as shown HERE.
This terrifying tale of tectonic turnabout from Ziff-Davis' Lars of Mars #11 (1951) was, sadly, the character's final published appearance.
But, there's still a tale hidden away for decades, so be here next Thursday as we unearth it...and don't forget your 3-D glasses!
You'll need them!
featuring the covers of both issues of Lars of Mars!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder SEEKER 3000 "A New Beginning..." Part 3

...with the ship's original commander lost in action and considered dead, elections are held to vote for the new leader.
But which of the obvious candidates it be?
The late leader's clone...or his biological son?
A new captain!
A new world to explore!
What could go wrong?
Unless this is the shortest mini-series in comics history, you should...
...Be Here Next Wednesday to Find Out!
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(the first appearance of the series)

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Reading Room WEIRD THRILLERS "Fisherman of Space"

Weird Thrillers was a 1950s sci-fi comic with painted covers...
Art by Allen Anderson
..which helped set the Ziff-Davis comic series apart from others on the newsstands!
All Ziff-Davis comics, no matter the genre, had painted covers, usually by the same artists who did cover art for their large pulp magazine line.
(Avon Comics also used paintings from time-to-time, but not throughout the line, and not on a consistent basis.)
Z-D was a latecomer to the comics business, publishing their first title in 1950 and canceling most titles by the end of 1952, continuing one book, G.I. Joe, until 1957.
During the comic division's brief existence, Z-D published over fifty titles, mostly one-shots and two-issue runs, covering every genre in fiction...except superheroes!
(The closest they came to superheroes were Lars of Mars and Crusader from Mars, both of whom were Martians operating undercover on Earth, and neither lasted past their second issue.)
Weird Thrillers (and it's one-shot predecessor Weird Adventures) ran a total of six issues.
Here's an example of why they lasted longer than most other Z-D titles...
This time-traversing tale from Weird Thrillers #2 (1951) was penciled by Alex Toth and inked by Sy Barry.
The writer is unknown, which is a shame, since it's a decent story with a clever, scientifically-accurate solution.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Monday Madness FAIRY TALES "Wolf Boy"

...this time, it's another lad, but with a decidedly-different tone in this never-reprinted story from Ziff-Davis' Fairy Tales #10 (1951)!
Feral children are a common concept in folklore, and I was unable to find a published version that corresponded to this tale!
The strip's artist is unknown, but I see elements of Joe Kubert's work from this period, so while he didn't do the entire job, he probably helped whoever the primary artist(s) were!
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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Halloween Treats for the Young (and Young-at-Heart)!

We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ have told you about our Horror Comics of the 1950s™ and Seduction of the Innocent™ sections, PLUS the Martians, Martians, Martians™ category of The Future WAS Fantastic™, all of which have kool retro horror-oriented goodies year-round for the older kids.But what about something Halloween-themed for the younger crowd, the tweens and pre-teens, the toddlers and babies?
Well, never let it be said we ignored a target demographic!
We have a kool Haunted Halloween  collection specifically-for those little ones who want a slightly-scary take on the spectral and spooky, as well as one for the 7-13 category who want a bit more meat on the bone (as it were).
We're offering Yard Signs and Banners, plus; invitation cards, and greeting cards!
Note to the older crowd, sorry, but the shirts 'n stuff are kid-sized only!
Have a look and order now, before your treat turns into a trick due to late delivery!