Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Remember Sky Captain, the FIRST BlueScreen / CGI Flick? (Part 2)

To continue from my rant yesterday...
Now, how could a movie with Angelina Jolie looking incredibly-hot in black leather...
...Bai Ling equally hot in black leather and spandex...
...and really kool retro-styled cgi fighter aircraft fail?
Because they miscast the title character!
Instead of a strong, handsome, physical type like George Clooney or Ewan McGregor...we got pretty-boy Jude Law.
Picture Roger Moore instead of Sean Connery as the first James Bond.
Would the 007 series have lasted from 1962 to today?
Don't think so!
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow had everything going for it, except a decent lead actor!
Maybe it wouldn't have been as big as Avatar, but it could have at least broken even!

Thanks for letting me vent.
Back to the usual tomorrow...

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