Monday, May 3, 2010

Remember Sky Captain, the FIRST BlueScreen / CGI Flick?

'Way before Avatar, there was another big-budget flick featuring fantastic CGI enviroments,
futuristic technology
and weird creatures,
all done with blue-screen and cgi...
It was...
(as if you couldn't guess...)
and, it could have been one of the biggest hits of all time, except they let this man...
Jude Law, 
star as the title character!
More tomorrow...


  1. Also, Sky Captain was a truly awesome film. Not some overrated Pocohontas and hippies in space polemic by a way-past-his-prime Hollywood hotshot and friends.

  2. Anything featuring an almost-nude Zoe Saldana (even a CGI one) can't be totally-discounted! ;-)


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