Thursday, September 23, 2021

Reading Room ADVENTURE COMICS "Wings of Jealous Gods"

In 1972, Supergirl moved from Adventure Comics into her own title...
...and DC decided to restore Adventure to its' original anthology format.
The first issue (425) featured the kool Mike Kaluta cover seen above, along with a never-reprinted, high-adventure story illustrated by a Golden Age pro who had moved to the animation field, but still kept in touch with his comic book roots...
Alex Toth made a brief return to DC in 1972-73, doing stories for several titles, including Adventure (where he did a two-part Black Canary back-up tale several issues earlier), Detective, and Our Fighting Forces.
Toth would do one more tale for Adventure Comics during this period; "Is a Snerl Human?", which we presented HERE.
(If you want to see all the Alex Toth stories we've presented, click HERE.)
Lynn Marron scripted several tales for DC and Warren in the early 1970s before disappearing from comics...but not from writing!
She's the author of several ongoing mystery and fantasy series available as e-books or print-on-demand editions on Amazon.
Check out her website HERE.
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