Saturday, January 30, 2021

Space Force Saturdays SPACE SQUADRON "Terror from the Deep!"

Let's blast-off for excitement (if not scientific accuracy) in the year 2000... the Space Squadron journeys to the "water world" of Neptune!

Until the Voyager 2 flight in 1989, little was known about Neptune except for it's size and color, so sci-fi went all over the place speculating about what lay under the bright blue atomosphere.
Because of the name, derived from the Roman god of the sea, most tales (like this one) portrayed the planet as an aquatic world with a breathable atmosphere and amphibian, reptilian, or fish-like inhabitants.
The artists for this tale from Atlas/Marvel's Space Squadron #3 (1951) are penciler Werner Roth and inker Sol Brodsky.
The scripter is unknown, though in his case, it might be best to remain anonymous.

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