Thursday, January 25, 2018

Reading Room BOLD ADVENTURE "Time Force" Conclusion

...a group of superhumans, scientifically-created to be protectors of the weak and helpless throughout the universe, are being slaughtered, out-by-one.
Their killer was Baal, a member of their group, driven mad with a lust for power over all sentient beings.
Now, he has discovered the location of the last of his brethren...
And that's how this tale ends!
No "next issue" blurb!
No "To Be Continued!"
Between this and the other two stories in Pacific's Bold Adventure #1 (1983), I wasn't sure if there would even be a second issue, much less a continuation of this tale.
Pacific wasn't the most reliable publisher, sometimes taking a year between issues!
But, eventually, a second issue came out (five months later).
We'll bring you that one soon...
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