Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Reading Room BOLD ADVENTURE "Time Force" Part 1

This never-reprinted series is easily one of the weirdest ones I've ever seen...
...with a concept that seems almost at odds with the story the spectacular art is telling!
To be continued...
There's lots of pseudo-biblical references (including a scientific Creation/Genesis, a fallen angel/guardian, and a potential Savior.
The antagonist, Baal, considers himself a deity, yet needs technology to achieve his ends.
The creators of Baal and the protaganists are clearly not the creators of the universe themselves, nor have they the power to control the sentient beings which inhabit it!
Co-creators writer/editor Bill DuBay and artist Rudy Nebres are telling an interesting tale in Pacific's Bold Adventure #1 (1983).
But, to my mind it's almost a textbook example of why writers shouldn't edit themselves!
Let's see where it goes....
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