Thursday, November 8, 2018

Reading Room I'LL BE DAMNED "Nest Egg"

Here's a sci-fi strip meant for Major Publications' Web of Horror #4...
...but, since that magazine ended with #3, it found a home in Mark Feldman's I'll be Damned #2, a year later!
Note the word balloon coming out of the big black hole in the title lettering where a photostat of "Webster" the monstrous spider host of Web of Horror would have been pasted-up.
Instead it's a word balloon coming out of a literal black hole!
Written by Alan Simons, penciled by Steve Hickman, inked by Robert L Kline (1-3) & Dan Adkins (4-6), this never-reprinted tale is an example of the high-quality material in fanzines of the late 1960s-early 1970s, much of which (sadly) has never been seen since the mags were limited to mail order and comics convention sales!
(There were no comics shops, and no such thing as the internet at that time...hard to conceive, I know!)
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