Thursday, February 11, 2016

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "If...!"

Ever think men and women are from different worlds?
Our pre-Valentines Day offering proves you right!
Writer Carl Wessler had already used the basic plot for this story twice before:
  1. "If!" in Atlas' Suspense #27 (1953), with the girl and her family being werewolves and vampires (talk about a blended family)! BTW, you can read that version of the tale HERE!
  2. "Out Cold" in EC's Haunt of Fear #25 (1954), with the girl and family shown to be ghouls!
But, by the time this never-reprinted story in Atlas' World of Fantasy #2 (1956) was published, the Comics Code had been implemented, banning "creatures of the night".
So Wessler went with aliens.
Sci-fi was experiencing a resurgence, so it was the logical way to go.
The illustrator was Jay Scott Pike who ended up specializing in romance comics.
You can see some of his work on our "sister" blog True Love Comics Tales.

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