Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reading Room: OUTER SPACE "3rd Planet"

Some stories are a "product of their time"...
...such as this Silver Age story that reflects the pacifist attitudes of the 18-30 year-olds of the era.
That's how the tale ended in the idealistic '60s.
If they re-did it today, in the far more cynical '10s, one (or both) commanders would have had a strike force ready to attack the second the other side disarmed.
This tale from the Charlton one-shot Outer Space (1968) was illustrated by Pat Boyette.
As to who wrote it, it could have been Boyette (who had already proven himself as a writer with several stories for Charlton's anthologies as well as a couple of issues of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt), or Joe Gill, who co-created several pacifist heroes including Peacemaker with Boyette, and GunMaster with Dick Giordano!

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  1. Neat little story. Ironically I bought this again just a few weeks ago in a reprint. I have it, but that Boyette artwork was just too neat to pass up for tiny money.

    Rip Off


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