Monday, August 9, 2010

Wertham LIVES!

Some people have wayyy to much time on their hands...
McDonalds is launching a new line of Marvel Comics-oriented Happy Meal toys.
They've done this sort of thing with both DC and Marvel characters a number of times over the years. (I have quite a few of them on my shelves.)
However, the Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood (a group I've never heard of, and I've seen quite a few Wertham-esque nuts in my years in this business) seems to have suddenly discovered that Marvel Comics feature a man on fire, and large, aggressive, man-monsters!
We've known that for over 50 years!
Curiously, though they comment on both The Human Torch and The Thing, the Werti-whiners make NO mention of the oft-times mindlessly-destructive Hulk, or the often out-of-control Wolverine, both included in the collection!
Nor do they praise the hero who tries to personify the American Ideal, Captain America, nor the hero whose very existence shows that "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!", Spider-Man! nor the original pacifist hero, The Silver Surfer, all of whom are included in the collection!
So it's obvious these loonies have no idea of what these characters are really about!
Now, here's where it becomes fun...
Want to subvert their message?
Go to their link to post a message to McDonalds...and rewrite the message to praise McDonalds!
You CAN!
The letter has a "suggested" text in place, but you can re-write it!
I've done so. I suggest you do, as well!

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