Saturday, August 14, 2010

Before Scott Pilgrim was...Cutie Honey!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World got me to thinking about other films derived from comics/graphic novels/manga that utitlized not just the storytelling aspects that comics/graphic novels/manga derived from movies, but the particular visual bits created for the printed page that teleported to film versions.
In America, the Batman tv series and first Hulk film are the most obvious aspects, with sound effects spelled out, and the screen broken into panels.
But I always felt the movie creators were holding back, as if they were somewhat embarrassed about using those print-based elements.
OTOH, foreign movies based on print properties are the place where filmmakers go totally bonkers in adapting those visual cues on a massive scale.
Case in point...Cutie Honey!

Also based on a print comic/manga (Cutey Honey created by the lengendary Go Nagai) this flick is just as lunatic, just as filled with visual cues derived from comics/manga and video games as Scott Pilgrim!
Cutie Honey is a weird, wild, film.
 If you liked Scott Pilgrim, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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