Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fantastic Femmes--Chiaki Kuriyama

Chiaki began as a child fashion model and moved on to acting in genre direct-to-video projects and tv series, breaking out as the ghostly Sayori in Shikoku: Land of the Dead.
American audiences were introduced to her as GoGo Yubari, the "psycho in a schoolgirl outfit" in Kill Bill: Vol 1.
Interestingly, almost all her over three dozen appearances have been in genre projects!
Genre appearances include...
Sky Crawlers(Midori Mitsuya)
Tekken(Ling Xiaoyu)
Kakure Karakuri(Hanayama Karin)
Women's Island (Rei Fujishima)
Battle Royale(Takako Chigusa)
Ju-On: the Curse[2000] (Mizuho Tamura)
Note: this was the original direct-to-video production,
the theatrical remake Ju-On: the Grudge [2003]
This version is not commercially-available in the US
Toire No Hanako-san (Little Child)
Tengu Gaiden (Amaya)
Kamen Gakuen aka Persona (Reika Dojima)
Kill Bill: Vol 1(GoGo Yubari)
MPD-Psycho: Multiple Personality Detective
"Life is a Constant Double Helix"
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