Monday, April 27, 2009

The Buzz on The Green Hornet

In our continual quest to bring you the koolest komic kollectibles, Atomic Kommie Comics™ is expanding our selection to include a new line of clothing / accessories.
Here are the first new offerings...
The first thing you'll notice is an even bigger image than on our previous shirts (up to 11" x 17") making them ideal for both casual wear and beach wear... plus; we're increasing the classic retro image selection! There will be new designs here not available at our other stores! (And, our best-selling classic designs will shortly be made available in larger-image versions!)
The second, less obvious, but equally-vital, thing is that all the products in our new line are from American Apparel and the company imaging and shipping the items is totally eco-friendly!

As to the designs themselves...
As you may have guessed, I'm a big fan of The Green Hornet. (After all, my nom-de-net is his secret identity!)
So, with a new film coming next year, I thought now would be the time to reintroduce the "classic" version to our pop culture-savvy clientelle in the "secret chic" tradition you've taken to heart

We're starting with two images from the theatrical release of the tv series.
Unlike the simultaneously-produced Batman series movie, this film was not an original production, but an edited compilation of four tv episodes!
And, at present, it's the only version of the tv series available on commercial dvd!

You may notice the emphasis on the late Bruce Lee in the design.
Green Hornet was his first major role, and the film, released after his untimely passing and the box-office success of Enter the Dragon, was meant to capitalize on the then-current martial arts cinema fad.
Regardless of the motive, they're both striking images, well-worthy of addition to any fan's clothing collection.
Note: we'll be adding art from both movie serials and the original comic books shortly!

But, that's not all!
Our new line will also include spies, space opera and sci-fi / fantasy, each in their own little cyber-storefront!
The buzz is building...not only on The Green Hornet, but for Atomic Kommie Comics™!

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