Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Travel down Lovers' Lane this Christmas!

You may think it strange that we're doing a piece on romance comic-related stuff as part of our suggested Christmas presents list.

But we at Atomic Kommie Comics™ believe that romantic love is just as prevalent at Xmas as it is on Valentine's Day, a
nd that True Love Comics Tales™ collectibles are just as nice to find under the tree as any of the other pop culture collectibles we offer!
And romance comics include a wide assortment of genres & topics including Westerns, medical dramas (like the Lovers Lane issue at left), war, law & crime, high school & college life, big business, and of course, soap-operas!

As we say... comics aren't just about spandex-clad characters in battles of cosmic import!
They also tell intimate tales of heartbreak & true love, betrayal & redemption, and misery & joy!

So, if your loved one is both an incurable romantic and a fan of pop culture kitsch, you can't go wrong with one of our funky collectibles! Besides the usual t-shirts and tchochkies, we also offer matching intimate tops & bottoms and other cute clothes for the fairer sex!

So give us a look at True Love Comics Tales™!
Then give her a kiss under the mistletoe for us!

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