Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Fun TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS "Where Prowls the Devil Shark" Part 1

It's just another evening in prehistoric times... Neanderthals assault a "sky goddess" (actually a stranded alien woman)!
To Be Concluded...
Ferenk was believed killed when Zorek shot at him...
...but, in the best tradition of comic book storytelling, unless you see the inert body, there's no guarantee he's actually dead!
Tragg and the Sky Gods was cancelled with the previous issue we presented, #8 (1977), but the next issue was in production when that occured!
Comics publishers are notoriously..."thrifty"...and, since the material had already been paid for, there was no reason not to use it!
Gold Key Spotlight was the "graveyard" for inventory material from various genres' cancelled titles, including sci-fi/fantasy, teen humor, and funny animals!
(It also served as filler for Whitman ComicPacs, sold in the 1960s and 70s in non-traditional markets like five-and-dime shops, supermarkets and grocery stores.
Read about them HERE and HERE!)
Unused stories from all three of writer Don Glut's books, (Tragg, Dagar the Invincible, and Occult Files of Doctor Spektor) finally saw publication in this anthology title.
Ironically, this issue of Spotlight was #9 (1977), which was the issue number of Tragg the story was intended for!

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