Saturday, January 13, 2018

Reading Room TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS "Battle for a World" Conclusion Zorek leads the alien Yargonians against Tragg and his allies!
The first major battle of the war ends in a resounding defeat for Zorek, but not without cost to the good guys including new-found ally Dazz and Yargonian Ferenk, whose last thoughts were of his unrequited love, Keera, who loves only Tragg, who loves only Lorn...
This never-reprinted tale by writer Don Glut and artist Dan Spiegle from Gold Key's Tragg and the Sky Gods #7 (1976) ends the primary story arc of the series, though the Yargonians would remain as supporting characters.
The next issue goes off on a totally-different tangent, as it...
a) introduces mysticism into the prehistoric world of Tragg, where science held sway!
b) crosses over to two other Gold Key titles, featuring cameos by their lead characters, and establishing a timeline for a unified Gold Key universe within those titles!
c) features a villain who had previously-appeared in both those books...though chronologically this would be his first appearance!
You won't be after you read the next issue of Tragg and the Sky Gods, next Friday!
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