Saturday, February 3, 2018

Reading Room TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS "Where Prowls the Devil Shark" Conclusion

...Zorek, learning that rebellious officer Fernek is still alive and that reinforcements are en-route from Yargon, decides to silence the rebel before he can tell the other Yargonians of the commander's failures.
Following the radiation from Fernek's jetpack, the Yargonian attack force comes upon...
The series ends with many open plotlines.
What happens when the other Yargonians arrive?
Do they arrest Zorek, or continue with his plans?
Does Fernek work with Tragg and the humans to resist the Yargonians?
Do he and Keera try to contact the others and tell them the truth?
Do the Yargonians end up abandoning their attempt at conquering the Earth?
Does Keera actually accept Fernek's love?
Sadly, we'll never know the answers.
Unlike most of the other Silver/Bronze Age Gold Key series, Tragg and the Sky Gods has never been reprinted or revived in new tales.
But...there is one more chapter in the story of Tragg and Lorn...a "lost tale" from their beginnings that finally saw publication just as Gold Key itself headed for extinction!
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