Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Reading Room TALES OF SUSPENSE "Last Rocket"

Marvel's Tales of Suspense #39 (1963) is famous for it's cover story...
...but that oft-retold tale is not what we're looking at today!
Instead, we're presenting one of the backup stories...the third and final version of the "Adam & Eve on past/future Earth" trope plotted and/or scripted by Stan Lee.
You can read the previous two tales HERE and HERE.
Ok, I'm willing to believe that, with 1960s-level technology, all of Mankind could pull off a When Worlds Collide-style evacuation of the planet, though how they'd survive to reach another solar system is questionable.
I'm even willing to accept a couple of ecology-oriented sorts being stubborn (and let's face it, sucicidal) enough to remain on their homeworld to the bitter end.
But an "exploding star" close enough to warm and light the planet, yet totally-unknown to anyone before that?
And one more thing...why couldn't the space fleet just turn around and return when they noticed the "exploding star" behind them?
In this retelling, it's believed that Lee plotted the story, his brother, Larry Lieber, scripted it.
But it's a fact that the legendary Gene Colan penciled and inked the absolutely beautiful art!
It makes the rather silly story bearable.

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  1. I'd forgotten this back-up tale was in TOS #39 - and I've got the original issue.


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