Monday, March 16, 2015

Reading Room STRANGE WORLDS "I Am the Last Man on Earth!"

One thing Stan Lee was really good at was recycling plots (with minor variations)... demonstrated in this first of three tales based on the same premise!
Plotted (and probably scripted) by Stan Lee, this never-reprinted story from Atlas' Strange Worlds #1 (1958) was illustrated by Silver Age mainstay Don Heck.
Yes, it's the "Adam & Eve begin a new Earth in the future/past" tale, which has become something of a cliche in sci-fi/fantasy.
But, it's some of the details that carry-over from one story to another that make this particular variation's multiple versions interesting.
Be here tomorrow to see what I mean...


  1. Great stuff! Gene Colan drew the last one of the three, if I remember correctly. Unless he was just redrawing an earlier Ditko or Kirby tale.

    1. You're right!
      Check out Wednesday's post for that tale!


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