Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The "Star Wars" Defense System...in 1962!

You think Ronald Reagan was the first US President to think of it?
From Drift Marlo #1 (1962) Art by Tom Cooke
In the early 1960s, we already had satellites in orbit that would have detected missile launches from the "damn Communists"!
Code-named MiDAS for Missile Defense Alarm System, the plan was to eventually put anti-missile missiles in orbit that could supplement land and sea-based defenses.
As it was, a number of scanner-equipped satellites were orbited, but the crude sensors kept mistaking other heat sources (including sunlight reflected from heavy cloud cover) as missile launches, so the plan was eventually abandoned.
We mention this because the project is one of the central elements of the current entry featuring the Silver Age character Drift Marlo: Space Detective at our "brother" blog Crime & Punishment™.
Check out Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE!
Here's some more fact-based feature pages from the Drift Marlo series showing the future as we hoped it would be in 1962...
Who says comics aren't educational?

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