Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Follow-Up to "Wertham Lives"

 To update yesterday's post about the "New Werthams"...
Besides sending my own version of the "protest letter", rewritten to express gratitude for the Happy Meals figures, I also emailed the Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood.

Do you have any idea of who these characters are?
Why don't you praise...
the hero who tries to personify the American Ideal since 1941, Captain America..
the hero whose very existence shows that "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!", Spider-Man...
the original pacifist hero, The Silver Surfer...
all of whom are included in the collection?

And, since you want a "commercial-free" childhood, why aren't you going after Disney, who've been corrupting childhood since 1930 with products promoting the misogynist / racist Mickey Mouse, the extremely-violent / ethnically-biased Davy Crockett , and the politically-incorrect Peter Pan (among many others)?

As of now, I've received no reply.
Nor do I expect to!

You, too, can express your opinion directly to them at ccfc@commercialfreechildhood.org

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