Friday, June 9, 2023

Friday Fun 50s FUNNIES "Hot Sox the Teenage Devil Delinquent! in 'I Sold My Soul for Rock'N'Roll!' "

He's not who you think...
...he's a lot snarkier, but still PG-13, so kids can read him!
But he's not Comics Code-approved!
You've been warned!
As you may have guessed, Hot Sox was a parody of...
..."taken to 11" as they said in This is Spinal Tap!
Written by Larry Shell & Scott Shaw! and illustrated by Shaw! (Yes, the "!" is part of his name), he made his one and only appearance in Kitchen Sink Press' 50s Funnies (1980), a one-shot (and never-reprinted) anthology about (you guessed it) 1950s pop culture...from a 1980s viewpoint!
The impressive list of contributors included Steve Bissette, William Stout, Rick Veitch, Will Meugniot, John Totleben, and Alfredo Alcala!
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(The Hot Sox color pageat the beginning of the post was the comic's back cover!)

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