Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder WALKING DEAD "Beginning of the End" Part 1

It's a world where a former law enforcement officer leads a ragtag group of survivors against an unending zombie horde..., no, not that Walking Dead!
This Walking Dead...

...featuring dead who not only walk, they talk (incessantly), think, and use automatic weapons!
And in this universe, that might just be enough to destroy the living...
You Can Witness the Fearsome Finale...
Next Wednesday!

Created by writer/artist Jim Somerville and published by Malibu/Aircel in 1989, it was vastly-different from the 2003-present graphic novel series created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.
For collectors, there's good news and bad news...
Good news: There's only a four-issue mini series and a one-shot Special to collect!
Bad news: Because it didn't sell well (and has never been reprinted), it's HTF (hard to find) and expensive!
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